The Modern Literary Novel

This website celebrates the world-wide literary novel since approximately the beginning of the twentieth century, arranged by nationality.  It is a personal but extensive survey of literary fiction since around 1900, which will continue to grow.

Here you will find well over 1400 authors writing in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish, or translated into one of those languages, together with biography, bibliography and selected book reviews.

I am a translator by background.  What I have put together here is very much a personal collection which I hope will be useful to some people.  To find out more about what I have and have not included, and why, please visit the FAQ page.

“I do not believe that novels are trivial matters. The ones I care most about are those which attempt radical reformulations of language, form and ideas, those that attempt to do what the word novel seems to insist upon: to see the world anew. I am well aware that this can be a hackle-raising, infuriating attempt.”
Salman Rushdie: Imaginary Homelands