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My Book Lists

The advice of their elders to young men is very apt to be as unreal as a list of the hundred best books – Oliver Wendell Holmes

The following lists are lists of my “best-ofs” as well as list of Novels with common themes. More to come.

Best ofs

Best 20th/21st century novels
Best 19th century novels
Best African novels
Best Caribbean novels
Best Eastern European novels
Best English novels
Best French novels
Best French language novels
Best German-language novels
Best Italian novels
Best Japanese novels
Best Latin American novels
Best Russian novels
Best US novels
Best novels by women

Theme lists

Novels with English Civil War settings
Novels set in the French Revolution
Novels with American Civil War settings
Novels with Mexican Revolution/Civil War settings
Novels with World War I settings
Novels with Spanish Civil War settings
Books set in the Nigerian Civil War (Biafran War)
Novels set in Alexandria
Novels set in Berlin
Novels set in Dublin
Novels set in Florence
Novels set in New Orleans
Novels set in Paris
Novels set in San Francisco
Novels set in Venice
Novels set in Vienna
Virginia novels and writers
Yorkshire novels and writers
Englishness novels
Novels (partially) set on the London Underground Railway
Novels with a football setting
Thatcher novels
Fiction involving art forgeries
Experimental novels
Novels featuring spontaneous combustion
Novels featuring Ovid
Novels featuring Ned Kelly
Novels featuring Carlota, Empress of Mexico
Novels featuring Nikola Tesla
Novels featuring Arthur Rimbaud
Novels whose titles are a letter
Author self-insertion
Neglected books/authors
9/11 novels
Donald Trump novels
Wenderoman [The Novel of German Reunification]
The Great American Novel
City novels (novels where the city is a character)
Novels with a dead narrator