Novels set in the English Civil War

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Sadly there are few worthwhile novels set in the English/British Civil War. While there are many books set in that war, they are mainly bodice rippers/Mills & Boon novels or, alternatively, boys adventure stories. Here are a few that might not be too awful.

H C Bailey: Colonel Stow (US: Colonel Greatheart)
Ronald Bassett: The Witchfinder General
Phyllis Bentley: Take Courage
Marjorie Bowen: The Governor of England
Gillian Bradshaw: London in Chains
John Buchan: Witch Wood
Hester Burton: Thomas (UK); Beyond the Weir Bridge (US)
Mary Daheim: -King’s Ransom
Lindsey Davis: Rebels and Traitors
Daniel Defoe: Memoirs of a Cavalier
Alan Douglas: For the King
Daphne Du Maurier: The King’s General
Jean Evans: Phoenix Rising
Eva Figes: The Tree of Knowledge
Julie Hearn: The Minister’s Daughter
Pamela Hill: A Place of Ravens
Pamela Hill: Daneclere
G P R James: Arrah Neil
G P R James: Henry Masterton
G P R James: The Little Ball o’Fire
Elizabeth Linington: The Kingbreaker
Rose Macaulay: They Were Defeated
Walter Macken: Seek the Fair Land
George MacDonald: St. George and St. Michael
Frederick Marryat: The Children of the New Forest
Harriet Martineau: The Hampdens
Jim Marshall: A Shameful War
Maria McCann: As Meat Loves Salt
Annette Motley: The Quickenberry Tree
Lisandro Otero: Temporada de Ángeles
Arthur Quiller-Couch: The Splendid Spur
Walter Scott: Woodstock
Mary Lee Settle: Prisons
Rosemary Sturge: A Storm in Summer
Rosemary Sutcliff: The Rider of a White Horse
Adam Thorpe: Ulverton
Nigel Tranter: Montrose – The Captain-General
Nigel Tranter: The Young Montrose
Keith J Wilson: Letters from the Past