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Adam Thorpe was born in Paris in 1956 and grew up in Lebanon, India, Cameroon and England, as his father worked for Pan Am. After going to Oxford, he started a theatre company and was named Mime Street Entertainer of the Year by the London weekly Time Out. He started writing poetry but received acclaim for his first novel Ulverton. As well as novels and poetry, he has also written radio plays.

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1988 Mornings in the Baltic (poetry)
1990 Meeting Montaigne (poetry)
1992 Ulverton (novel)
1995 Still (novel)
1998 Pieces of Light (novel)
1999 From the Neanderthal (poetry)
2000 Shifts (stories)
2001 Nineteen Twenty-One (novel)
2003 No Telling (novel)
2003 Nine Lessons From the Dark (poetry)
2005 The Rules of Perspective (novel)
2006 Is This The Way You Said? (stories)
2007 Between Each Breath (novel)
2007 Birds with a Broken Wing (poetry)
2008 The Standing Pool (novel)
2009 Hodd (novel)
2012 Flight (novel)
2012 Voluntary (poetry)
2013 Rogues (novel)
2014 On Silbury Hill (travel)
2017 Missing Fay (novel)
2018 Words from the Wall (poetry)
2018 Notes from the Cevennes : Half a Lifetime in Provincial France
2020 Borderline (novel)