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1852 Harriet Beecher Stowe: Uncle Tom’s Cabin
1857 Xariffa (Mary Ashley Townsend ): The Brother Clerks
1863 Napier Bartlett: Clarimonde: A Tale of New Orleans Life, and of the Present War
1867 John William de Forest: Miss Ravenel’s Conversion from Secession to Loyalty
1879 George Washington Cable: Grandissimes
1881 Alfred Mercier: L’Habitation Saint-Ybars ou Maîtres et Esclaves en Louisiane (link is to French text)
1888 Grace King: Monsieur Motte
1899 Kate Chopin: The Awakening
1904 Winston Churchill (the American one): The Crossing
1907 Edward Childs Carpenter: The Code of Victor Jallot
1916 Grace King: The Pleasant Ways of St. Médard
1916 Fanny Heaslip Lea: Chloe Malone: A Love Story of New Orleans
1921 Charles Chestnutt: Paul Marchand, F.M.C
1925 Sherwood Anderson: Dark Laughter
1927 William Faulkner: Mosquitoes
1929 Hamilton Basso: Relics And Angels
1934 Hamilton Basso: Cinnamon Seed
1935 William Faulkner: Pylon
1936 William Faulkner: Absalom, Absalom!
1939 Hamilton Basso: Days Before Lent
1941 Edna Ferber: Saratoga Trunk
1943 Edwin P. O’Donnell: The Great Big Doorstep, A Delta Comedy
1944 Walter Adolphe Roberts: Royal Street
1944 Walter Adolphe Roberts: Creole Dusk
1946 Harnett Kane: New Orleans Woman
1946 Walter Adolphe Roberts: Brave Mardi Gras
1946 Frank Yerby: Foxes of Harrow
1948 Everett & Olga Webber: Rampart Street
1949 Thomas B. Costain: High Towers
1953 William Burroughs: Junkie (Junky)
1955 Robert Penn Warren: Band of Angels
1956 Nelson Algren: A Walk On The Wild Side
1956 Robert Tallant: Voodoo Queen
1958 Peter Feibleman: A Place Without Twilight
1961 Shirley Ann Grau: The House on Coliseum Street
1961 Walker Percy: The Moviegoer
1964 Arthur Hailey: Hotel
1967 John William Corrington: Upper Hand
1967 Robert Stone: A Hall of Mirrors
1971 Shirley Ann Grau: The Condor Passes
1972 Elizabeth Spencer: The Snare
1972 Frank Yerby: The Girl From Storyville
1976 Michael Ondaatje: Coming Through Slaughter
1977 Francine Prose: Marie Laveau
1978 Ishmael Reed: Shrovetide in Old New Orleans
1979 Valerie Martin: Alexandra
1980 Peter Feibleman: Charlie Boy
1980 John Kennedy Toole: A Confederacy of Dunces
1981 Patrick Skene Catling: Jazz, Jazz, Jazz
1983 Ellen Gilchrist: The Annunciation
1984 Sheila Bosworth: Almost Innocent
1984 Belva Plain: Crescent City
1984 Tom Robbins: Jitterbug Perfume
1985 Ellen Gilchrist: In the Land of Dreamy Dreams
1985 Nancy Lemann: Lives of the Saints
1987 Valerie Martin: A Recent Martyr
1988 Harry Crews: The Knockout Artist
1988 John Rechy: City of Night
1988 Sally Savic: Elysian Fields
1989 Harry Crews: The Knockout Artist
1989 James Wilcox: Sort of Rich
1989 Thomas York: Desireless
1990 Paula Fox: The God of Nightmares
1991 Louis Edwards: Ten Seconds
1992 Sheila Bosworth: Slow Poison
1992 Rosemary Daniell: The Hurricane Season
1992 Barry Gifford: Night People
1993 Lois Battle: Storyville
Ernest J. Gaines: A Lesson Before Dying
1993 Ann Goethe: Midnight Lemonade
1993 Drago Jancar: Posmehljivo pozelenje (Mocking Desire)
1993 Jewell Parker Rhodes: Voodoo Dreams
1994 Valerie Martin: The Great Divorce
1994 Amanda Moores: Dream Palace
1994 John Gregory Brown: Decorations in a Ruined Cemetery
1994 Barry Gifford: Arise and Walk
1994 Rhodesia Jackson: Pecan Candy & Huck-a-Bucks
1994 Amanda Moores: Dream Palace
1995 Barry Gifford: Baby Cat-Face
1995 Jewell Parker Rhodes: Voodoo Season
1996 John Gregory Brown: The Wrecked, Blessed Body of Shelton Lafleur
1996 Ben Neihart: Hey, Joe
1996 Michael F Russo: Yats in Movieland
1997 Jacqueline D’Acre: Between Extremities
1997 Ignatus D’Aquila: Remembering Dixie
1997 Charles J. Hebert: Swimming to Atlantis
1997 Rhodesia Jackson: Sweeter than Candy
1997 Paul Kafka: Love: Enter
1997 Michael Llewellyn: Twelfth Night
1997 Karen Palmer: All Saints
1998 Nicole Cooley: Judy Garland, Ginger Love
1998 Joanna Goodman: Belle of the Bayou
1998 Guy Johnson: Standing at the Scratch Line
1998 Nancy Lemann: The Fiery Pantheon
1998 Clarence Nero: Cheekie : a Child out of the Desire
1999 Andrei Codrescu: Messiah
1999 Patty Friedmann: Eleanor Rushing
1999 Rhodesia Jackson: Three Times Sweeter: Love, Home & Family
1999 Josh Russell: Yellow Jack
1999 Mal Taylor: The Mitt Man
2000 John Ed Bradley: My Juliet
2000 Peter Everett: Bellocq’s Women
2000 Patty Friedmann: Odds
2000 Barbara Hall: Summons to New Orleans
2000 L L Lee: Taxing Tallula
2000 Nicole Paolini: Swamp Gas
2000 Christopher Rice: Density of Souls (yes, son of…)
2000 Richard Sherman: Return to Mardi Gras
2000 Jervey Tervalon: Dead Above Ground
2001 F. Pierre Trudell: Terry Perry
2001 pqtrick Neate: Twelve Bar Blues
2002 James P. Callahan and T. Stanley Bradley: Blue Dog Saloon
2002 Patty Friedmann: Secondhand Smoke
2002 Elizabeth Inness-Brown: Burning Marguerite
2002 Fleur Reynolds: The House in New Orleans
2002 Omar Tyree: Leslie
2003 Gabriela Alemán: Body Time
2003 Jane Alison: The Marriage of the Sea
2003 Andrew Fox: Fat White Vampire Blues
2003 Carolyn Parkhurst: The Dogs of Babel
2003 Shirley Chance Yarbro: Shadows Over New Orleans
2004 Jason Bentsman: Mardi Gras in the Moment
2004 John Ed Bradley: Restoration
2004 Poppy Z Brite: The Value of X
2004 Poppy Z Brite: Liquor
2004 Ronald Everett Capps: Off Magazine Street
2004 Leonce Gaiter: Bourbon Street
2005 Poppy Z Brite: Prime
2005 Charles W. Chesnutt: Paul Marchand, F. M. C. (but written in 1921)
2005 Ronlyn Domingue: The Mercy of Thin Air
2005 Tamika Edwards Raby: Backwaters
2006 Mark Ballard Baker: Da Queen A’Sleep: A Story of Waking and Sleeping in New Orleans
2006 Poppy Z Brite: Soul Kitchen
2006 James Cagle: Governor General
2006 Dedra Johnson: Sandrine’s Letter to Tomorrow
2006 Michael Holloway Perronne: A Time Before Me
2007 Patty Friedmann: Side Effects
2007 Patty Friedmann: A Little Bit Ruined
2007 A. C. Frieden: Tranquility Denied
2007 Bruce Henricksen: After the Floods
2007 Dedra Johnson: Sandrine’s Letter to Tomorrow
2007 Patricia Sheehy: Field of Destiny
2008 Clarence Agress: Storm Birds of New Orleans
2008 Amanda Boyden: Babylon Rolling
2008 Jody Gerbig: Unmasked
2008 Amina Harrison: The Caveliers Of New Orleans
2008 Tom Piazza: City of Refuge
2009 Isabel Allende: La Isla bajo el Mar (Island Beneath the Sea)(
2009 Andrea Boll: The Parade Goes on Without You
2009 Bill Cotter: Fever Chart
2009 Dave Eggers: Zeitoun
2009 Rae Katherine Eighmey: Abraham Lincoln in New Orleans
2009 Robert Hicks: A Separate Country
2009 Amber Holston:Mysterious Mister
2009 Louis Maistros: The Sound of Building Coffins
2009 Mary Robison: One D.O.A., One on the Way
2009 Chris Tusa: Dirty Little Angels
2010 Cathy Clay: Agatta
2010 Suzanne Corley: Rain Like A River
2010 Ben Farmer: Evangeline
2010 Ken Fontenot: For Mr. Raindrinker
2010 LaTonya Jones: Southern Discomfort
2010 Jennifer McClory: By Grace Alone
2010 David Lummis: he Coffee Shop Chronicles of New Orleans
2010 Rosalyn Story: Wading Home
2011 Robert Olen Butler: A Small Hotel
2011 Barbara Hambly: Dead and Buried
2011 Robert Hicks: A Separate Country
2011 Mary Monroe: Mama Ruby
2011 James Nolan: Higher Ground
2011 Jewell Parker Rhodes: Hurricane
2012 Kevin P Keating: The Natural Order of Things
2012 Jesmyn Ward: Salvage the Bones
2013 W S Culpepper: The Replacement Son
2013 Ruta Sepetys Out Of The Easy
2013 Tom ZigalThe Occupation of Eliza Goode
2013 Shelley Fraser Mickle: Many Rivers to Cross
2015 Rachel Hawthorne: One Perfect Summer
2015 Kelly Jameson What Remained of Katrina
2015 Mary Helen Lagasse: Navel of the Moon
2015 Kent Wascom: Secessia
2017 Margaret Wilkerson Sexton: A Kind of Freedom

Writers born in New Orleans

Hamilton Basso; Sheila Bosworth; Magdalene Breaux; Poppy Z Brite; George Washington Cable; Truman Capote; Mary Beth Craft; Tom Dent; Peter Feibleman; Shirley Ann Grau; Lillian Hellman; Steve Herman; Brian Keith Jackson; Rhodesia Jackson; Grace King; Nancy Lemann; Elmore Leonard; Edwin P. O’Donnell; Brenda Marie Osbey; Anne Rice; Robert Tallant; John Kennedy Toole; Christine Wiltz

Writers who lived and/or worked in New Orleans

Nelson Algren; Sherwood Anderson; Wilton Barnhardt; Vance Bourjaily; Roark Bradford; John Ed Bradley; John Gregory Brown; Charles Bukowski; William Burroughs; Robert Olen Butler; Kate Chopin; Andrei Codrescu; John Dos Passos; George Alec Effinger; William Faulkner; Edna Ferber; F. Scott Fitzgerald; Richard Ford; Patty Friedmann; Lafcadio Hearn; Zora Neale Hurston; Jack Kerouac; Sinclair Lewis; David Madden; William March; Alfred Maund; Seth Morgan; Katherine Anne Porter; Parker Tyler; Walt Whitman; Thornton Wilder; Tennessee Williams

In addition to literary writers, there are a variety of genre writers who have written about New Orleans or have strong connections with the city. They include:

Detective/thriller writers who have set stories in New Orleans

Kenneth Abel (Cold Steel Rain, Down in the Flood)
Thomas Larry Adcock (A Thrown-Away Child)
Alice Alfonsi (Eternal Vows)
Glenn Allison (Miscue)
John Edward Ames (The Asylum, Death Crystal, Spellcaster)
Margot Arnold (Death of a Voodoo Doll)
Ace Atkins (Crossroad Blues, Dirty South, Leavin’ Trunk Blues)
Robert Asprin (NO Quarter)
Frankie Y. Bailey (You Should Have Died on Monday)
Donald Bain (Murder in a Minor Key)
Linda Barnes (Cities of the Dead)
Nevada Barr (13 1/2, Burn)
Fredrick Barton (With Extreme Prejudice)
Olga Bicos (Risky Games, Wrapped in Wishes)
Cherlyn Biggs (Devil of a Chance)
Cheryl Biggs (Hearts Deceived, Tricks of the Trade, Yesterday’s Passion)
John C Boland (Rich Man’s Blood)
Jay R. Bonansinga (Twisted)
William O. Bonin (House on Arabella Street)
James O. Born (Burn Zone)
Sandra Brown (Fat Tuesday, French Silk)
Gwen Bristow and Bruce Manning (The Invisible Host)
Sedric Brown (A Night in New Orleans)
James Lee Burke (Cadillac Jukebox, Dixie City Jam, Half of Paradise, Heaven’s Prisoners, A Morning for Flamingos, The Neon Rain)
Stella Cameron (French Quarter, A Grave Mistake, Now You See Him)
John Dickson Carr (Deadly Hall, The Ghosts’ High Noon, Papa La-Bas);
Holli Castillo (Gumbo Justice)
Linda Castillo (Whisper in the Dark)
Chris Cawood (1998 The Year of the Beast)
Ray Celestin The Axeman’s Jazz
M. E. Chaber (Hearse of Another Color)
Laura Childs (Scrapbooking Mystery Series)
James Colbert (All I Have Is Blue, No Special Hurry, Profit and Sheen, Skinny Man)
Barbara Colley Charlotte La Rue Mysteries
James Conaway (The Big Easy)
Kent Conwell (Death in the French Quarter)
Donald Corley (Double Murder in New Orleans)
John William Corrington (A Civil Death, A Project Named Desire, So Small a Carnival)
Juanita Coulson (Fear Stalks the Bayou)
George Harmon Coxe (One Way Out)
Rex Dancer (Bad Girl Blues, Postcard from Hell)
Dorothy Daniels (Dark Stage)
Dan Davis (The Gris-Gris Man)
J Madison Davis: (Red Knight)
O’Neil De Noux (The Big Show, Blue Orleans, Crescent City Kills, Grim Reaper, New Orleans Confidential, New Orleans Nocturnal, Sniffing Out a Killer)
Elizabeth Dewberry (Sacrament of Lies)
Athol Dickson (Blood Warning, French Quarter Killer, Unholy Matrimony)
John Dillman (They Shall See God)
Christina Dodd (Thigh Hight)
David Donachie (Scent of Betrayal)
D J (John) Donaldson (Blood on the Bayou, Cajun Nights, Louisiana Fever, New Orleans Requiem, No Mardi Gras For The Dead, Sleeping With the Crawfish)
Tim Downs,(First the Dead)
Shannon Drake (Beneath a Blood Red Moon, When Darkness Falls)
Eileen Dreyer (Sinners and Saints)
Sophie Dunbar (A Bad Hair Day, Behind Eclair’s Doors, Shiveree)
Tony Dunbar (City of Beads, The Crime Czar, Crooked Man, Shelter From the Storm)
Louis Edwards (N: A Romantic Mystery)
R J Ellory (A Quiet Vendetta)
Mary Anna Evans (Floodgates)
A A Fair (i.e. Erle Stanley Gardner) (Owls Don’t Blink)
Quinn Fawcett (Honor Among Spies)
Tony Fennelly (The Closet Hanging, Glory Hole Murders, Kiss Yourself Goodbye, The Hippie in the Wall)
Susan Fleet (Absolution)
Frank G Fox (Funky Butt Blues)
David Fulmer (Valentin St. Cyr Mysteries)
Jim Fusilli (Tribeca Blues)
Leonce Gaiter (Bourbon Street)
Julie Garwood (Mercy)
Ronald M. Gauthier (Crescent City Countdown, Prey for Me)
Wilson Gayle (Victim)
C.S. Graham (Archangel Project)
Heather Graham (Deadly Night, Down in New Orleans, Ghost Walk, Kiss Of Darkness)
Sara Gran (Claire DeWitt and The City of the Dead)
John Grisham (The Client,The Pelican Brief)
Carolyn Haines (Hallowed Bones, Heat of the Moment)
Jessica Hall (Into the Fire)
Barbara Hambly (Dead and Buried, A Free Man of Color, Fever Season, Graveyard Dust, Sold Down the River, Die Upon a Kiss, Wet Grave, Days of the Dead)
Harrie Irving Hancock (Detective Johnson of New Orleans)
Charlaine Harris (Definitely Dead)
Thomas Harris (Black Sunday)
Martin Hegwood (Big Easy Backroad)
Richard Helms (Joker Poker)
Steve Herman (The Sign of Four)
Greg Herren (Scotty Bradley series)
Metsy Hingle (Black Silk)
William H Holcombe (A Mystery of New Orleans: Solved by New Methods)
Genevieve Holden (Deadlier Than the Male)
Leo Honeycutt (Over the Edge)
Linda Howard (Kill and Tell)
Margaret Hubbard (Murder Takes the Veil)
Sarah Hughart (Girl from Yesterday)
Greg Iles (Mortal Fear, Blood Memory)
Lisa Jackson (Shiver, Absolute Fear, Devious)
Jane Jensen (Sins of the Fathers)
Keith Lee Johnson (Little Girl Lost: The Return of Johnnie Wise)
Mat Johnson (Dark Rain)
R. T Jordan (Final Curtain)
Josephine Kains (Whispering Cat Mystery)
Frank Kane (Poisons Unknown)
M S Karl (Killer’s Ink)
Dian Evans Kastl (Ice Key, Legal Incubus)
Peter King (Roux the Day)
K. T. Knoblock (There’s Been Murder Done)
Thomas Lakeman (Broken Wing)
Whitney Lakin (Mutiny in Heaven)
Lynda LaPlante (Cold Blood)
Lyn LeJeune (The Beatitudes)
David Lennon (The Quarter Boys, Echoes)
Elmore Leonard (Bandits)
Paul Leighty (Krewe of Infamy, Tradewind Terror)
Dick Lochte (Blue Bayou, The Neon Smile)
Amelia Reynolds Long (Murder by Scripture)
Lyda Belknap Long (Crucible of Evil, Leymoyne Heritage)
John Lutz (Right to Sing the Blues)
Jaye Maiman (Old Black Magic)
David Lozell Martin (Pelikan : Love, Redemption & Felony Theft)
Ken Mask (City Park Murder – Flowers on the Tops of Trees, Luke Jacobs, P. I., Murder At The Butt)
Jillian McCade (New Orleans Nocturne)
Walter McCloskey (Risking Elizabeth)
Neil McGaughey (Otherwise Known As Murder)
Megan McKinney (My Wicked Enchantress)
Marcel Montecino (Big Time)
Gilbert Morris (Dani Ross series)
Susan Morrow (Insiders
Rick Nelson (Bound by Blood
George Ogan (To Kill a Judge, Murder in the Wind, Murder by Proxy)
John B. Olson (Powers)
Marilyn Pappano (Passion)
F M Parker (The Assassins)
Owen Parry (Rebels of Babylon)
Paula Paul (Mistress of Blackwater)
Jane Peart (House of Haunted Dreams)
Don Pendleton: (The Executioner #20 New Orleans Knockout)
Sharon Cupp Pennington: (Hoodoo Money)
Brian D Perry (Algiers Point)
Bill Pronzini (Masques)
Robert J. Randisi (Masks of Auntie Laveau)
Alan Rawlings (Eyes of the Sparrow)
Francis Ray (Somebody’s Knocking at My Door)
J. M. (Jean) Redmann (Death by the Riverside, Deaths of Jocasta, The Intersection of Law and Desire, Lost Daughters)
Cole Riley (Dark Blood Moon: Murder in New Orleans)
Karen Robards (Bait)
W Adolphe Roberts (Royal Street)
Sue Robinson (Amendment)
JoAnn Ross (No Safe Place, Out of the Blue)
Jacques Sadoul (Baron-Samedi (French))
James Sallis (Black Hornet, Blue Bottle, Death Will Have Your Eyes, Eye of the Cricket, The Long-Legged Fly, Moth, Stop You’re Killing Me)
Erin Samiloglu (Disconnection)
Rod Sanford (Dying Hard in The Big Easy)
Sandy Semerad (Mardi Gravestone)
Sarah Shankman (Now Let’s Talk of Graves)
Alex Sharp (Driver: Nemesis)
Willie Shoemaker (Stalking Horse)
M K Shuman (The Caesar Clue, Deep Kill, The Last Man to Die, The Maya Stone Murders)
Janice Sims (All the Right Reasons)
Robert Skinner (Cat-Eyed Trouble, Skin Deep, Blood Red)
Craig Smith (Ladystinger)
Julie Smith (The Axeman’s Jazz, Crescent City Kill, House of Blues, Jazz Funeral, The Kindness of Strangers, New Orleans Beat, New Orleans Mourning, 82 Desire, The Axeman’s Jazz. Smith has also edited a series of stories called New Orleans Noir.)
Jerry Speir, & Wade Schindler (Help! Murder! Police!)
Erica Spindler (Bone Cold, Cause for Alarm, Chances Are, Forbidden Fruit, Killer Takes All, Last Known Victim)
Chocolate Soup (Chocolate Soup)
Amanda Stevens (Devil’s Footprints, Dollmaker)
Katherine Sutcliffe (Bad Moon Rising)
Mariann Tadmor (Murder in New Orleans)
Mel Taylor (The Mitt Man)
Robert Tierney (Glass Chameleon)
Robert Tine (Hard Target)
Brian Tobin (Missing Person)
Robert Walker (Pure Instinct)
L J Washburn (Killer on a Hot Tin Roof)
Peter Watson (Capo)
Kent Westmoreland (Baronne Street)
Phyllis A. Whitney (Skye Cameron)
Eric Wilder (Big Easy)
Christine Wiltz (A Diamond Before You Die, The Emerald Lizard, Glass House, The Killing Circle)
Penn Williamson (Mortal Sins)
Jack Willoughby (Murder For The Love Of Cops)
Steven Womack (Murphy’s Fault, Smash Cut, Software Bomb) and Mardi Gras Madness: Tales of Terror and Mayhem in New Orleansedited by Martin Greenberg
Margaret Woodward (No Place to Call Home)
Mary Zelinsky (Something Very Wicked, Something Very Wild)
Robert Lee Zimmerman (Fair Warning)

Fantasy/Science Fiction writers

Lewis Aleman: Faces in Time
Orson Scott Card: The Crystal City
Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon: A Map of Moments
Suzanne Johnson: Royal Street
Sherrilyn Kenyon: Dark-Hunter series
D K Midkiff: New Orleans Besieged
Alan Rodgers: Bone Music
Jo Clayton spent much time in New Orleans

Romance writers:

V C Andrews; Jennifer Blake (Love’s Wild Desire, Rogue’s Salutel, Tender Betrayal, Wildest Dreams); Gwen Bristow (also wrote mystery and adventure books as well as film scripts); Shirlee Busbee (Love be Mine); Joy L. Caskey (Sabina); Susan Elliston (Laffite’s Lady); B J Foster (Bayou Shadows); Linda Faye (Shades of Deception); Kelly Keaton (Darkness Becomes Her);Frances Parkinson Keyes (Dinner at Antoine’s, Madame Castel’s Lodger, Crescent Carnival); Hailey North (Opposites Attract); Michael Llewellyn (Twelfth Night); Fern Michaels (Listen to Your Heart); Kathleen Nance (Spellbound); Erica Orloff (Diary of a Blues Goddess); Sara Orwig (New Orleans); Emilie Richards; Alexandra Ripley (New Orleans Legacy); Nora Roberts (Midnight Bayou, Honest Illusions): Ciji Ware (A Light on the Veranda, Midnight on Julia Street); Bonnie Clark Weatherford (Lucian’s Angel); Mary Lou Widmer (Night Jasmine); Cheryl Zach (Winds of Betrayal)

Horror/ghost writers

Poppy Z Brite: Exquisite Corpse, Lost Souls; Andrew Fox (Fat White Vampire Blues, Bride of the Fat White Vampire); Cindy Gengler: Fallen Angels/ Rafe’s Heart; Robert Girardi (Madeleine’s Ghost); Heather Graham: Ghost Walk, Deadly Night, Kiss Of Darkness; Christopher Golden and Time Lebbon:The Map of Moments; Whitney Lakin: Mutiny in Heaven; George R. R. Martin (Fevre Dream); Paula Morris (Ruined); Michael Reaves (Voodoo Child); Anne Rice (The Feast of All Saints, The Tale of the Body Thief, Blackwood Farm, Blood Canticle, The Witching Hour, Violin,other of her novels set in part in New Orleans); Denise M. Snellgrove Wilkinson (Isabella St. Clair: Vamp of New Orleans, the Vieux Carre)

Books on New Orleans in literature

Ralph Adamo (editor): Big Easy: An Anthology of New Orleans Poetry
Books LLC: American Cities in Fiction: New Orleans in Fiction
Alan Brown: Literary Levees of New Orleans
Dorothy Brown and Barbara Ewell: Louisiana Women Writers: New Essays and a Comprehensive Bibliography
Violet Harrington Bryan: The Myth of New Orleans in Literature: Dialogues of Race and Gender
James Kern Feibleman: Literary New Orleans Between World Wars
Richard S. Kennedy: Literary New Orleans: Essays and Meditations
Richard S. Kennedy: Literary New Orleans in the Modern World
Susan Larson: The Booklover’s Guide to New Orleans
Judy Long: Literary New Orleans
John Miller, Genevieve Anderson, Andrei Codrescu: New Orleans Stories: Great Writers on the City

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