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William Burroughs (often known as William S. Burroughs) was born in St. Louis in 1914. His father’s family were from the Burroughs adding machine family, while his mother was a descendant of Robert E. Lee. His father ran an antique shop. After attending private schools, he went to Harvard. On graduation, his parents made him an allowance which enabled him to live without working. He briefly studied medicine in Vienna and then returned to Harvard where he did graduate studies in anthropology but then dropped out. Apart from a brief spell in the army in 1942, from which he was discharged for psychological reasons, he did a variety of odd jobs before moving to New York in 1943, where he started associating with the The Beats. It was at this time that he also became a heavy drug user. After various run-ins with the police, he moved to Mexico, where he carried a gun because of the danger there. It was at this time that he accidentally shot and killed his wife. He was not prosecuted but left the country and, after travelling to Colombia and Morocco, returned to New York. It was in New York, that he started writing the novels that would bring him fame. He later moved to Paris and then to London, partially to receive a cure for his drug addiction. His first novel – Junkie – was published in 1953 but received little attention. However, his second novel, Naked Lunch, published in Paris by Olympia Press, received a lot of publicity because of its notoriety. However, he still had financial problems. On returning to New York, he tried teaching but didn’t like it. He made some money by appearing at conventions and cashing in on his fame as a counterculture hero, though he still continued to publish. In 1971 he moved to Kansas, where he spent the rest of his life, dying there in 1997. He will be remembered for his counterculture work, his association with The Beats and for his drug-induced novels. However, critics remain divided over his literary worth.

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1953 Junkie (later: Junky)
1959 Naked Lunch
1960 The Exterminator (with Brion Gysin)
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1961 The Soft Machine
1962 The Ticket That Exploded
1963 Dead Fingers Talk
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1964 Nova Express
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1965 Health Bulletin: APO-33, a Metabolic Regulator (later: APO-33 Bulletin: A Metabolic Regulator)
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1965 Valentine’s Day Reading
1967 So Who Owns Death TV? (with Claude Pelieu, and Carl Weissner)
1969 The Job: Interviews with William S. Burroughs
1969 The Last Words of Dutch Schultz
1970 Jack Kerouac
1971 The Electronic Revolution
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1971 The Wild Boys: A Book Of The Dead
1971 Electronic Revolution 1970-71
1973 Port of Saints
1973 Exterminator!
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2018 The Revised Boy Scout Manual: An Electronic Revolutions