Novels featuring Ned Kelly

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Dalmar Balcarek & Gary Dean: Ned and the Others
Jean Bedford: Sister Kate
Geoffrey Bond: Ned Kelly: The Armoured Outlaw
Charlie Boxer: Ned Kelly
Peter Carey: The True History of the Kelly Gang
A. Bertram Chandler: Kelly Country
Bill Collett: The Accidental Outlaw of Glenrowan
A.D. Crichton: Far Beyond The Falls
Robert Drewe: Our Sunshine
Thomas Keneally: Ned Kelly and the City of Bees
Eric Lambert: Kelly
Hilary Lofting:”Bail Up!”: Ned Kelly, Bushranger
John H. Phillips: The Trial of Ned Kelly
Brian Ridden: Whistle Man
Paul Stafford: Ned Kelly’s Helmet
Charles E. Taylor: The Girl Who Helped Ned Kelly
Edwin T. Woodhall: The Kelly Gang

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