Books whose titles are a letter/character

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Walter Newman Flower: ?
e. e. cummings: &
Andy Warhol: a: a novel
Louis Zukofsky: A (poetry) (Scottish poet Edwin Morgan wrote a poem called Homage to Zukofsky, whose sole word was the)
Eva Figes: B
Maurice Baring: C
Tom McCarthy: C
Peter Reading: C
Matt Beaumont: E: a novel
Luis Seabra: F
Daniel Kehlmann: F
Antônio Xerxenesky: F
John Berger: G
Robert Graves: H
Lin Haire-Sargeant: H
Elizabeth Shepard: H
Philippe Sollers: H
Stephen Dixon: I: a novel
Kenzaburo Oe: J
Ronald Hayman: K (biography of Kafka)
Mary Roberts Rinehart: K
John Sack: M
Louis Edwards: N : a romantic mystery
Agatha Christie: N or M?
Omari Grandberry: O
Anonymous (Mark Salter): O: A Presidential Novel
Gabor von Vaszary: Ő
Luther Blissett: Q
Stephen Leacock and Basil Macdonald Hastings: Q (drama)
Evan Mandery: Q
J J Abrams and Doug Dorst: S
Florence Delay, Patrick Deville, Jean Echenoz, Sonja Greenlee, Harry Mathews, Mark Polizzotti, Olivier Rolin: S (original French title: Semaines de Suzanne)
Slavenka Drakulić: S: a novel about the Balkans
Antoine Pentsch: T
Nicholson Baker: U and I
Thomas Pynchon: V
A. C. Crispin: V (adaptation of TV series)
Georges Perec: W
e. e. cummings: W (poetry)
Sue Coe: X
Eunice Sudak: X (adaptation of screenplay of The Man with X-Ray Eyes)
Marjorie Celona: Y
Vassilis Vassilikos: Y
Brian Vaughn: Z
Bob Mayer: Z (a Bob Riley novel)
Jacques Roubaud: ∈