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Miki Liukkonen was born in 1989 in Oulu. He spent his childhood in Saarela near Oulu. He attended a photography class and planned on becoming a visual artist. After school, he became a writer, moving to Helsinki. He initially wrote poetry, including a collection called Elisabet dedicated to his mother who died of cancer. He turned to prose, writing a successful novel. His novel O [O] received special praise and has been translated into French. He was also guitarist in the band The Scenes

In 2022 he became engaged to the singer Behm. They separated the following year. Liukkonen died in June 2023. The cause of his death has not been revealed, though it is known he had mental health issues and was a reformed alcoholic.

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Miki Liukkonen


2011 Valkoisia runoja (poetry)
2012 Elisabet (poetry)
2013 Lapset auringon alla (novel)
2015 Raivon historia (poetry)
2017 O [O] (novel)
2019 Hiljaisuuden mestari (novel)
2021 Elämä: esipuhe (novel)
2023 Vierastila (novel)