Thatcher novels

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These are novels in which the influence of Margaret Thatcher and Margaret Thatcher’s Britain is strongly felt and, in many cases, satirised.

Martin Amis: Money
J.G. Ballard: Running Wild
Iain Banks: Complicity
Ursula Bentley: The Angel of Twickenham
Tim Binding: Anthem
Terence Blacker: Fixx
James Buchan: Heart’s Journey in Winter
Anthony Cartwright: How I Killed Margaret Thatcher
Jonathan Coe: What A Carve-Up [US: The Winshaw Legacy]
Amanda Craig: A Vicious Circle
Pete Davies: The Last Election
Michael Dibdin: Dirty Tricks
Margaret Drabble: The Radiant Way
Sebastian Faulks: Engleby
Maggie Gee: Grace
Jill Hadfield: Postcards From Babel
Philip Hensher: Kitchen Venom
Philip Hensher: The Northern Clemency
Alan Hollinghurst: The Line Of Beauty
Rhys Hughes: A New Universal History of Infamy
Mark Lawson: Bloody Margaret
Jonathan Lee: High Dive
Tim Lott: Rumours of a Hurricane
Hilary Mantel: An Experiment in Love
Hilary Mantel: Every Day is Mother’s Day
Hilary Mantel: The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher
Ian McEwan: The Child in Time
Livi Michael: Under a Thin Moon
Tim Parks: GB84
David Peace: Goodness
Julian Rathbone: Nasty, Very
Arnold Rosenbaum: Nanny Knows Best
Janet MacLeod Trotter: Never Stand Alone