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Hilary Mantel was born in Glossop in Derbyshire in 1952. She studied law at the London School of Economics and Sheffield University and then worked as a social worker in a geriatric hospital, an experience she used for her first novel. In 1977, she went with her husband, a geologist, to Botswana and then, in 1982, to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, which served as a basis for her third novel. Her first novel was published in 1985 and she returned to England a year later. She has continued to publish novels as well as stories, a memoir and many book reviews. She won the Man Booker Prize for Wolf Hall in 2009. She died in 2022.

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1985 Every Day is Mother’s Day (novel)
1986 Vacant Possession (novel)
1988 Eight Months on Ghazzah Street (novel)
1989 Fludd (novel)
1992 A Place of Greater Safety (novel)
1994 A Change of Climate (novel)
1995 An Experiment in Love (novel)
1998 The Giant, O’Brien (novel)
2003 Giving Up the Ghost (memoir)
2003 Learning to Talk (stories)
2005 Beyond Black (novel)
2009 Wolf Hall (novel)
2012 Bring up the Bodies (novel)
2014 The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher (stories)
2020 The Mirror and the Light (novel)
2020 Mantel Pieces (essays)
2022 Learning to Talk(stories)
2024 A Memoir of My Former Self: A Life in Writing
2025 The Complete Stranger (novel)