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Sherwood Anderson: Kit Brandon
V C Andrews: Flowers in the Attic
Jessica Anthony: The Convalescent
David Baldacci: Wish You Well
Richard Bausch: Hello to the Cannibals
Richard Bausch: Take me Back
Richard Bausch: Thanksgiving Night
Robert Bausch: Gypsy Man
Hal Bennett: A Wilderness of Vines
Arna Wendell Bontemps: Black Thunder
Henry Burnham Boone: Eastover Court House
Pauline Carrington Bouvé: Their Shadows Before
Rita Mae Brown: Bingo
Rita Mae Brown: High Hearts
Rita Mae Brown: Hiss of Death
Rita Mae Brown: Hotspur
Rita Mae Brown: Murder at Monticello
Rita Mae Brown: Murder on the Prowl
Rita Mae Brown: Pay Dirt
Rita Mae Brown: Rest in Pieces
Rita Mae Brown: Riding Shotgun
Rita Mae Brown: Sour Puss
Rita Mae Brown: Venus Envy
William Wells Brown: Clotel
John Dickson Carr: The Dead Man’s Knock
John Casey: The Half-Life of Happiness
Willa Cather: Sapphira and the Slave Girl
John Bell Clayton: Wait, Son, October Is Near
Robert J. Conley: War Woman
John Esten Cooke: Hammer and Rapier
John Esten Cooke: The Heir of Gaymount
John Esten Cooke: Leather and Silk
John Esten Cooke: Mohun
John Esten Cooke: Surry of Eagle’s Nest
John Esten Cooke: Virginia Comedians
John Esten Cooke: Wearing of the Gray
Stephen Crane: The Red Badge of Courage
Fred D’Aguiar: The Longest Memory
Mark Danielewski: House of Leaves
Thulani Davis: 1959
Jonathan Dee: Palladio
Jude Deveraux: The Mulberry Tree
Tom Dyja: Meet John Trow
Mary Henderson Eastman: Aunt Phillis’s Cabin
George Cary Eggleston: The Master of Warlock
Garrett Epps: The Shad Treatment
Steve Erickson: Arc d’X
John Fox, Jr.: The Trail of the Lonesome Pine
David Fuller: Sweetsmoke
John Rolfe Gardiner: In the Heart of the Whole World
Ellen Glasgow: Barren Ground
Ellen Glasgow: The Romantic Comedians
Ellen Glasgow: The Sheltered Life
Ellen Glasgow: Vein of Iron
Ellen Glasgow: Virginia
Gail Godwin: Father Melancholy’s Daughter
Robert Goolrick: Heading Out to Wonderful
Muriel Gray: Furnace
Cathryn Hankla: A Blue Moon in Poorwater
William Hoffman: Tidewater Blood
Jessica James: Shades of Gray
Edward P. Jones: The Known World
Barbara Kingsolver: Prodigal Summer
Connie Lapallo: Dark Enough to See Stars in a Jamestown Sky
Christopher Lehmann-Haupt: A Crooked Man
Donald McCaig: Jacob’s Ladder
Howard Owen: Fat Lightning
Carolyn Parkhurst: The Dogs of Babel
T.R. Pearson: Cry Me a River
T.R. Pearson: True Cross
Jayne Anne Phillips: Lark and Termite
Jayne Anne Phillips: Machine Dreams
Jayne Anne PhillipsShelter
Kevin Powers: A Shout in the Ruins
J. Thornton Randolph (Charles Jacobs Peterson): The Cabin and Parlor or Slaves and Masters
Elizabeth Madox Roberts: The Great Meadow
David L Robbins: Scorched Earth
Mary Lee Settle: O Beulah Land
Lisa Shea: Hula
Susan Richards Shreve: A Country of Strangers
Lee Smith: Black Mountain Breakdown
Lee Smith: Fair and Tender Ladies
Lee Smith: Oral History
Mary Burnett Smith: Miss Ophelia
Stephen Stark: Second Son
Michael Stewart: Belladonna
Harriet Beecher Stowe:. Dred; Tale of the Great Dismal Swamp
William Styron: The Confessions of Nat Turner
William Styron: Lie Down in Darkness
William Styro: A Tidewater Morning
William Makepeace Thackeray: The Virginians
Elswyth Thane: Williamsburg Novels
Alexander Theroux: Darconville’s Cat
Adriana Trigiani: Big Stone Gap series
Jennifer Erin Valent: Fireflies in December
William Vollmann: Argall
Tom Wicker: Unto this Hour
Marianne Wiggins: Almost Heaven
B. L. Wilson: Bloody Waters
Burton Wohl: Soldier in Paradise
Jane Yolen: Miz Berlin Walks

Patricia Cornwell (who lives in Richmond) and Sharyn McCrumb have set some of their mysteries in Virginia and Mary Johnston has written several historical romances set in Virginia
Note that Many Civil War novels are set in Virginia.

Writers born in Virginia

Alice Adams
Edward Albee
V. C. Andrews
Russell Baker
David Baldacci
James Branch Cabell
William Alexander Caruthers
Willa Cather
Kelly Cherry
John Bell Clayton
Sarah N Cleghorn
John Esten Cooke
Virginius Dabney
Clifford Dowdey
Eliza Ann Dupuy
Mary H Eastman
Sally Miller Gearhart
Ellen Glasgow
Cathryn Hankla
Marion Harland (Mary Virginia Terhune)
Cary C. Holladay
Mary Johnston
Frances Parkinson Keyes
Naomi Long Madgett
Thomas Nelson Page
Kevin Powers
Elizabeth Scott
Lisa Shea
Lucius Shepard
Dave Smith
Lee Smith
Anne Spencer
Dabney Stuart
William Styron
John Banister Tabb
Booker T. Washington
Tom Wolfe

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