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Fred d’Aguiar was born in 1960 in London of Guyanese parents. He spent his early childhood in Guyana. He has written poetry, novels and plays and currently teaches at the University of Miami.

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1985 Mama Dot (poetry)
1989 Airy Hall (poetry)
1993 British Subjects (poetry)
1994 The Longest Memory (novel)
1995 A Jamaican Airman Forsees His Death (drama)
1996 Dear Future (novel)
1997 Feeding the Ghosts (novel)
1998 Bill of Rights (poetry)
2000 Bloodlines (verse-novel)
2001 An English Sampler (poetry)
2003 Bethany Bettany (novel)
2009 Continental Shelf (poetry)
2013 The Rose of Toulouse (poetry)
2014 Children of Paradise (novel)
2018 Translations from Memory (poetry)
2020 Letters to America (poetry)
2020 Grace Notes (poetry/memoir)
2021 Year of Plagues: A Memoir of 2020 (memoir)