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I would argue that nearly every serious novel written since 9/11 is a “9/11 novel”. C Max Magee on the Millions blog.

Shirley Abbott: The Future of Love
Shaila Abdullah: Saffron Dreams
Chris Adrian: A Better Angel
Turki al-Hamad: Riyh Al-Janna [The Winds of Paradise]
Charlotte Vale Allen: Sudden Moves
Steve Alten: The Shell Game
Martin Amis: The Second Plane
Jeffrey Archer: False Impression
Paul Auster: Brooklyn Follies
Robert Baer: Blow the House Down
Ulrich Baer (ed.): 110 Stories: New York Writes after September 11
Iain Banks: Dead Air
Philip Beard: Dear Zoe
Frédéric Beigbeder: Windows on the World
Slimane Benaissa: La dernière nuit d’un damné (The Last Night of a Damned Soul)
David Bernans: North of 9/11
Lawrence Block: Small Town
Gayle Brandeis: Self Storage
J. E. Braun: Paranoia
Marina Budhos: Ask Me No Questions
Vladimir Chernozemsky: Phase One After Zero
Claudio Ceni: Ultime adresse
Chris Cleave: Incendiary
Teju Cole: Open City
Barbara D’Amato, Jeanne M. Dams and Mark Richard Zubro: Foolproof
Patty Dann: Sweet & Crazy
Maurice Dantec: Artefact
Don DeLillo: Falling Man
Nelson DeMille: Wild Fire
Deborah Eisenberg: Twilight of the Superheroes
Marc Estrin: Skulk
Robert Ferrigno: Prayers for the Assassin
Dan Fesperman: The Warlord’s Son
Jonathan Safran Foer: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Frederick Forsyth: The Afghan
Jim Fusilli: A Well-Known Secret
William Gibson: Pattern Recognition
Allegra Goodman: The Cookbook Collector
Arnon Grunberg: Tirza
Katharina Hacker: Die Habenichtse (The Have-Nots)
Laila Halaby: Once in a Promised Land
Mohsin Hamid: The Reluctant Fundamentalist
Griffin Hansbury: The Nostalgist
David Hare: Stuff Happens (yes, I know it’s not a novel)
Elina Hirvonen: Että hän muistaisi saman (When I Forgot)
Lucy Honig: Waiting for Rescue
Ward Just: Forgetfulness
Ken Kalfus: A Disorder Peculiar to the Country
Porochista Khakpour: Sons and Other Flammable Objects
Edward Allan Kovacik: Your 5 Day Forecast: Attack on America
Benjamin Kunkel: Indecision
Luc Lang: 11 septembre mon amour
Thomas Lehr: September. Fata Morgana
Peter Leonard: Unknown Remains
David Levithan: Love is the Higher Law
F. P. Lione: Clear Blue Sky
David Llewellyn: Eleven
Luisgé Martin: La misma ciudad
Steve Martin: An Object of Beauty
Joyce Maynard: The Usual Rules
Nick McDonell: The Third Brother
Ian McEwan: Saturday
Jay McInerney: The Good Life
Martha McPhee: L’America
Claire Messud: The Emperor’s Children
Sue Miller: Lake Shore Limited
Pedro Guilherme-Moreira: A Manhã do Mundo
Marc-Edouard Nabe: Une lueur d’espoir
H.M. Naqvi: Home Boy
Arthur Nersesian: Unlubricated
Joyce Carol Oates: The Mutants (from her collection I Am No One You Know)
Joseph O’Neill: Netherland
Ruth Ozeki: A Tale for the Time Being
Hugh Nissenson: Days of AweUlrich Peltzer: Bryant Park
Pedro Guilherme-Moreira: A Manhã do Mundo
David Poyer: The Towers
Reynolds Price: The Good Priest’s Son
Thomas Pynchon: Bleeding Edge
Jonathan Raban: Surveillance
Rene Reid: Pilgrim Souls
Nicholas Rinaldi: Between Two Rivers
Joel C. Rosenberg: The Last Jihad
Aidan Donnelley Rowley: Life after Yes
S. J. Rozan: Absent Friends
Salman Rushdie: Shalimar the Clown
Erik Saar: Inside the Wire
Thomas B. Sawyer: No Place to Run
Helen Schulman: A Day at the Beach
Lynne Sharon Schwartz: The Writing On The Wall
Carolyn See: There Will Never Be Another You
Moses Seenarine: Born 9/11
Frank Senauth: A Day of Terror
Arunabha Sengupta: Big Apple 2 Bites
Lucius Shepard: Only Partly Here (novella in his Eternity and Other Stories collection)
Nicholas Sparks: Dear John
Gilbert Sinoué: Inch’Allah Tome 1 Le souffle de jasmin
Art Spiegelman: In the Shadow of No Towers
Dana Standridge: Lessons in Essence
Ronald Sukenick: Last Fall
John Updike: Terrorist
Rick Veitch: Can’t Get No
Amy Waldman: The Submission
Jess Walter: The Zero
Eric Walters: We All Fall Down
Lawrence Wright: The Looming Tower

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