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I’m sick of this damn war – the blood, the noise, the endless poetry – Lord Flasheart from Blackadder

If you had to pick any war that made the greatest contribution to literature, it would be, without question, World War One. English poetry alone is crowded with worthy cases. Most English people are familiar with the lines:

If I should die, think only this of me:
That there’s some corner of a foreign field
That is for ever England.

Rupert Brooke did not survive the war, and nor did many other poets – Julian Grenfell, whose Into Battle is nearly as famous; John McCrae, a Canadian surgeon, whose In Flanders Field, with its famous opening lines (In Flanders fields the poppies blow; Between the crosses, row on row; That mark our place) gave us Poppy Day; Edward Thomas, Charles Sorley, Wilfred Owen and Isaac Rosenberg were all killed in the War, but not before they had produced some fine poetry. Robert Graves, Edmund Blunden and Siegfried Sassoon are best known nowadays for their war memoirs (Goodbye to All That, Undertones of War and Memoirs of an Infrantry Officer respectively) but all wrote fine poetry as well. Robert Nichols wrote some fine war poetry (especially Ardours and Endurances) but later turned, unsuccessfully, to drama. Laurence Binyon wrote what may be the third most famous lines to come from World War I (after the Brooke and McCrae lines quoted above):

They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

Amazingly enough, these lines were written in September 1914 when Binyon was still working in the British Museum. Binyon lived till 1943 and was Norton Professor of Poetry at Harvard. Finally, there is Ivor Gurney, who was both a talented poet and a talented musician, but who suffered a mental collapse a few years after the War and spent the last fifteen years of his life in a mental hospital. (Michael Hurd’s The Ordeal of Ivor Gurney is highly recommended for more details.) Two Irish poets deserve mentioning – Tom Kettle, whose Reason in Rhyme was a fine poem, and Francis Ledwidge, whose To One Dead was simple but effective.

We should also remember poets from other countries such as Ungaretti (Italy), Mayakovsky (Russia), Berta Lask (German) and Apollinaire (France), who all wrote fine poetry about the War. In addition to the above memoirs, we should also add David Jones’ In Parenthesis (a poem-cum-memoir) and from the same war but another theatre, T E Lawrence’s The Seven Pillars of Wisdom.

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But we are here to talk about prose fiction. The First World War produced many fine works of fiction from participants of many countries – USA (Ernest Hemingway‘s A Farewell to Arms), England (Ford Madox Ford‘s Parade’s End), Germany (Erich Maria Remarque’s Im Westen Nichts Neues (All Quiet on the Western Front)), Austria (Hermann Broch‘s Die Schlafwandler (The Sleepwalkers) (3rd volume)), Czechoslovakia (Jaroslav Hasek‘s The Good Soldier Svejk) and France (Henri Barbusse‘s Le Feu (Under Fire)). The trend continues today with Pat Barker‘s Ghost Road Trilogy and Sebastian Faulks’ Birdsong. The key quote may well be from Roland Dorgelès:

Nous étions trop écrasés par la guerre pour l’envisager comme une matière de littérature. [We were too crushed by the war to consider it as a subject of literature.]

The List

(chronological order)

1914 Wilfrid Meynell: Aunt Sarah & the War
1914 Wilfred Douglas Newton: War
1914 Margaret Baillie Saunders: The Belfry
1915 Joseph Altsheler: The Forest of Swords
1915 Joseph Altsheler: The Guns of Europe
1915 Joseph Altsheler: The Hosts of the Air
1915 Jo van Ammers-Kuller: Een jonge Leeuw van Vlaanderen (Young Leon of Flanders)
1915 Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews: The Three Things
1915 Ruby M Ayres: Richard Chatterton, V.C.
1915 J Stewart Barney: L.P.M. End of the Great War (L.P.M. stands for little peace maker, i.e. a large dreadnought)
1915 Otto Berndt: Das Schloss in den Vogesen
1915 Ian Hay
: The First Hundred Thousand
1915 René Benjamin: Les Soldats de la Guerre (UK: Gaspard the Poilu; US: Private Gaspard)
1915 Mary Bradley: Splendid Chance
1915 Agnes Castle: The Hope of the House
1915 Robert W. Chambers: Who Goes There!
1915 Will Comfort: Red Fleece
1915 Nathanael Jünger: Die lieben Vettern
1915 William Le Queux: At the Sign of the Sword
1915 Escott Lynn: In Khaki for the King
1915 Patrick MacGill: The Amateur Army
1915 Arthur Machen: The Angel of Mons
1915 Paul Georg Münch: Hindenburgs Einmarsch in London (Hindenburg’s March into London)
1915 Arthur Quiller-Couch: Nicky-Nan, Reservist
1915 Margaret Baillie Saunders: Captain the Curé
1915 Douglas Sladen: His German Wife
1915 Burton Stevenson: Little Comrade (later: Girl from Alsace)
1915 Marcelle Tinayre: La Veillée des Armes (Sacrifice)
1915 Benjamin Vallotton: De la paix à la guerre. Ce qu’en pense Potterat (Potterat and the War)
1916 Leonid Andreyev: Иго войны (The Confessions of a Little Man during Great Days)
1916 Henri Barbusse: Le Feu (Under Fire)
1916 Mrs Belloc Lowndes: Lilla: Part of Her Life
1916 Mrs Belloc Lowndes: The Red Cross Barge
1916 Edward Benson: Mike (US: Michael)
1916 Marcel Berger: Le Miracle du Feu (UK: In the Fire of the Furnace; US: Ordeal by Fire)
1916 Adrien Bertrand: L’appel du sol (The Call of the Soil)
1916 Harold Bindloss: Johnstone of the Border (UK: The Borderer)
1916 Dorothy Black: Her Lonely Soldier
1916 Vicente Blasco Ibáñez: Los Cuatro Jinetes del Apocalipsis (The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse)
1916 Vicente Blasco Ibáñez: Mare Nostrum (Mare Nostrum (Our Sea))
1916 John Buchan: Greenmantle
1916 Hugh de Selincourt: A Soldier of Life
1916 Erich Erichsen: Den Tavse Dansker (Forced to Fight)
1916 Maurice Genevoix: Sous Verdun (‘Neath Verdun) (Ceux de 1914 I)
1916 Paul Géraldy: La guerre, Madame (The War, Madame)
1916 Mary Agnes Hamilton: Dead Yesterday
1916 William Le Queux: Annette of the Argonne
1916 Rose Macaulay: Non-Combatants and Others
1916 Patrick MacGill: The Great Push
1916 Patrick MacGill: The Red Horizon
1916 Bessie Marchant: A Girl Munition Worker
1916 Wilfrid Meynell: Halt! Who’s There?
1916 Zsigmond Móricz: Szegény emberek öt elbeszélés [Poor Folk]
1916 Axel Munthe: Red Cross and Iron Cross
1916 Marcel Prévost: L’adjudant Benoït (Benoit Castain)
1916 Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Lost Continent: Beyond Thirty
1916 May Sinclair: Tasker Jevons: The True Story
1916 Douglas Sladen: The Douglas Romance
1916 Armin Steinart (Friedrich Otto Armin Loofs): Der Hauptmann
1916 Edward Stilgebauer: Inferno (Love’s Inferno)
1916 Jenö Tersánszky Józsi: Viszontlátásra drága… (Goodbye, My Dear)
1916 Annie S Swan: The Woman’s Part
1916 Fritz von Unruh: Opfergang (Way of Sacrifice)
1916 Hugh Walpole: The Dark Forest
1916 H. G. Wells: Mr. Britling Sees It Through
1916 Theodora Wilson Wilson : The Last Weapon
1917 Stella Benson: This is the End
1917 Phyllis Bottome: Second Fiddle
1917 Boyd Cable: Grapes of Wrath
1917 Annie Chartres: Vae Victus (The Outrage)
1917 Alice Cholmondeley: Christine
1917 J Storer Clouston: Spy in Black
1917 Ralph Connor: The Major
1917 Louis Delluc: La guerre est morte
1917 Georges Duhamel: Vie des Martyrs (The New Book of Martyrs)
1917 John Ferguson: Stealthy Terror
1917 Gabriel-Tristan Franconi: Un Tel de l’armée française [So-and-so in the French Army]
1917 Maurice Genevoix: Nuits de guerre (Ceux de 1914 II)
1917 Reinhard Goering: Seeschlacht [Sea Battle]
1917 Andreas Latzko: Menschen im Krieg (Men in War)
1917 William J. Locke: Red Planet
1917 Arthur Machen: The Terror
1917 Patrick MacGill: The Brown Brethren
1917 Charlotte Mansfield: The Dupe
1917 Edith Mary Moore: Teddy, R.N.D.
1917 Jean Paulhan: Le guerrier appliqué (The New Book of Martyrs)
1917 Elizabeth Pennell: The Lovers
1917 Jean des Vignes Rouges: Bourru, soldat de Vauquois (Bourru, Soldier of France)
1917 May Sinclair: The Tree of Heaven
1917 John Collis Smith: The Coming
1917 Elizabeth Von Arnim: Christine
1917 Mrs Humphry Ward: Missing
1918 Hans Karl Abel: Ruf in der Nacht
1918 Rose Allatini (A. T. Fitzroy): Despised and Rejected
1918 Robert Anderson: Cross of Fire
1918 Gertrude Atherton: White Morning
1918 Irene Bailey: Tin Soldier
1918 Mrs Belloc Lowndes: Out of the War?
1918 René Benjamin: Anglais en guerre. Le major Pipe et son père.
1918 Arnold Bennett: Pretty Lady
1918 Arnold Bennett: The Roll-Call
1918 E. F. Benson: Up and Down
1918 Vicente Blasco Ibáñez: Los Enemigos de la Mujer (The Enemies of Woman)
1918 René Boylesve: Tu n’es plus rien (You No Longer Count)
1918 Angela Brazil: A Patriotic Schoolgirl)
1918 J. E. Buckrose: The Silent Legion
1918 Robert Chambers: Laughing Girl
1918 J Storer Clouston: The Man from the Clouds
1918 Clemence Dane: First the Blade
1918 Richard Dehan: That Which Hath Wings
1918 E. M. Delafield: The War-Workers
1918 Mary Dillon: Comrades
1918 Henry Irving Dodge: Yellow Dog
1918 Dorota Flatau: Yellow English
1918 Leonhard Frank: Der Mensch ist Gut [Man is Good]
1918 Maurice Genevoix: Au seuil des guitounes (Ceux de 1914 III)
1918 Olive Gilbreath: Miss Amerikanka
1918 Brenda Girvin: Munition Mary
1918 Zane Grey: The Desert of Wheat
1918 Gustave Guiches: Les Deux Soldats (Soldiers Both)
1918 Beatrice Harraden: Where Your Treasure Is
1918 Paul Oskar Höcker: Die Stadt in Ketten
1918 Lee Holt: Green and Gay
1918 A. Cunnick Inchbold: Love and the Crescent
1918 Nathanael Jünger:”Revanche!”
1918 Sheila Kaye-Smith: Little England (US: The Four Roads)
1918 Janet Laing: Before the Wind
1918 Maurice Larrouy: L’Odyssée d’un transport torpillé (The Odyssey of a Torpedoed Transport)
1918 Adolf Latzkó: Friedensgericht (Judgment of Peace)
1918 Adolf Latzkó: Menschen im Krieg (Men in War)
1918 William J. Locke: Rough Road
1918 Stephen Maher: The Sister of a Certain Soldier
1918 André Maurois: . Les Silences du Colonel Bramble (The Silence of Colonel Bramble)
1918 Talbot Mundy: Hira Singh’s Tale (US: Hira Singh: When India Came to Fight in Flanders)
1918 Wilfred Douglas Newton: War Cache
1918 Mary Roberts Rinehart: The Amazing Interlude
1918 Alberto Saviano: Hermaphrodito
1918 Ethel Sidgwick: Jamesie
1918 Upton Sinclair: Jimmy Higgins
1918 Edward Stilgebauer: Das Schiff des Todes (The Ship of Death)
1918 Horace Annesley Vachell: The Soul of Susan Yellam
1918 H. G. Wells: Joan and Peter
1918 Rebecca West: Return of the Soldier
1918 Edith Wharton: The Marne
1919 Henri Barbusse: Clarté (Light)
1919 Samuel Hopkins Adams: Common Cause
1919 Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews: Joy in the Morning
1919 Henry Battersby: Edge of Doomsday
1919 René Bazin: Les nouveaux Oberlé (Pierre and Joseph)
1919 Harold Begbie: Mr. Sterling Sticks It Out (US: The Convictions of Christopher Sterling)
1919 Phyllis Bottome: A Servant of Reality
1919 John Buchan: Mr. Standfast
1919 Karel Matěj Čapek-Chod:: Ad hoc! (Ad hoc!)
1919 Colette: Mitsou ou Comment l’esprit vient aux filles (Mitsou)
1919 Ralph Connor (Charles William Gordon): The Sky Pilot in No Man’s Land
1919 Federico De Roberto: Al rombo del cannone
1919 Roland Dorgelès: Les croix de bois (Wooden Crosses)
1919 Georges Duhamel: Civilisation, 1914-1918 (Civilization, 1914-1918)
1919 Louis Dumur: Nach Paris! [To Paris]
1919 Walter Flex: Wolf Eschenlohr
1919 Gilbert Frankau: Peter Jackson, Cigar Merchant (US: Peter Jameson)
1919 John Galsworthy: The Burning Spear
1919 Ellen Glasgow: The Builders
1919 Reinhard Goering: Scapa Flow
1919 W L George: Blind Alley
1919 Cicely Hamilton: William – An Englishman
1919 A. P. Herbert: The Secret Battle
1919 Rupert Hughes: Cup of Fury
1919 Jerome K Jerome: All Roads Lead to Calvary
1919 Viktor Jungfer: Das Gesicht der Etappe
1919 William Kennedy: Invader’s Son
1919 Compton Mackenzie: Sylvia and Michael
1919 Christine Orr: The Glorious Thing
1919 Jessie Rickard: House of Courage
1919 Elizabeth Robins: The Messenger
1919 Sapper: Sapper
1911919 Elizabeth Robins: The Messenger 9 Upton Sinclair: Jimmie Higgins
1919 Frederick Sleath: Sniper Jackson
1919 John Collis Snaith: Love Lane
1919 John Collis Snaith: The Undefeated
1919 G. B. Stern: Children of No Man’s Land
1919 Rudolph Stratz: Das Licht von Osten
1919 Joan Sutherland: Wings of the Morning
1919 William Henry Warner: Mothers of Men
1919 Hugo von Waldeyer-Hartz: Ziel erkannt, Kraft gespannt
1919 Léon Werth: Clavel soldat
1919 Romer Wilson: If All These Young Men
1920 Enid Bagnold: The Happy Foreigner
1920 Jean Bernier: La percée
1920 John Dos Passos: One’s Man Initiation (later: First Encounter)
1920 John Galsworthy: Tatterdemalion
1920 Ian Hay: The Willing Horse
1920 Philip Gibbs: Wounded Souls
1920 Brenda Girvin: Jenny Wren
1920 Jaroslav Hasek: The Good Soldier Svejk
1920 Ernst Jünger: In Stahlgewittern (Storms of Steel)
1920 Ira Ariel Kellogg : Crystal Thurberwald or The Evangel Of Tappaneau
1920 Vernon Lee: Satan the Waster
1920 William J. Locke: The House of Baltazar
1920 My Sergeant (pseudonym of Granville Forbes Sturgis): Mildmay Park: Episodes of a Doughboy in a London Hospital
1920 Zofia Nałkowska: Hrabia Emil (Count Emil)
1920 Romain Rolland: Clérambault (Clerambault)
1920 Romain Rolland: Pierre et Luce (Pierre and Luce)
1920 May Sinclair: The Romantic
1920 Christopher Stone: The Valley of Indecision
1920 Ernst Wiechert: Der Wald [The Forest]
1921 Giuseppe Antonio Borgese: Rubè
1921 Anna Robeson Brown Burr: The House on Charles Street
1921 Götz Otto von Stoffregen: Vaterland
1921 Warrington Dawson: The Gift of Paul Clermont
1921 John Dos Passos: Three Soldiers
1921 Wilfrid Ewart: Way of Revelation
1921 Maurice Genevoix: La boue (Ceux de 1914 IV)
1921 A S M Hutchinson: If Winter Comes
1921 Robert Keable: Simon Called Peter
1921 Bernhard Kellermann: Der 9. November (Ninth of November)
1921 F T Marinetti: L’alcova d’acciaio
1921 Paolo Monelli: Le scarpe al sole
1921 L M Montgomery: Rilla of Ingleside
1921 Ernest Raymond: Tell England
1921 Michael Sadleir: Privilege
1921 Berthold Sutter: Der sterbende Krieg.
1922 Rudolf Binding: Unsterblichkeit [Immortality]
1922 Willa Cather: One of Ours
1922 e. e. cummings: The Enormous Room
1922 Rudolf Herzog: Kameraden
1922 Pyotr Krasnov: От Двуглавого Орла к красному знамени (From the Double Headed Eagle to the Red Standard)
1922 Henry de Montherlant: Le Songe (The Dream)
1922 Balder Olden: Kilimandscharo (Our Virgin Soil)
1922 Ernest Raymond: Tell England
1922 Liviu Rebreanu: Padurea spinzuratilor (Forest of the Hanged)
1922 Theodore Goodridge Roberts: The Fighting Starkleys
1922 May Sinclair: Anne Severn and the Fieldings
1922 Jérôme and Jean Tharaud: Randonnée de Samba Diouf (The Long Walk of Samba Diouf)
1922 Aleksey Tolstoy: Хождение по мукам (The Road to Calvary)
1922 Virginia Woolf: Jacob’s Room
1923 Thomas Boyd: Through the Wheat
1923 Jean Cocteau: Thomas l’Imposteur (The Imposter)
1923 Louis Dumur: Les défaitistes [The Defeatists]
1923 Douglas Durkin : The Magpie
1923 Viktor Dyk: Príbehy Kozulinova [The Adventures of Kozulinov]
1923 Maurice Genevoix: Les éparges (Ceux de 1914 V)
1923 Storm Jameson: The Pitiful Wife
1923 Joseph Kessel: L’Equipage (Pilot and Observer)
1923 Oliver Onions: Peace In Our Time
1923 Upton Sinclair: The Manasons
1923 Elliot Paul: Impromptu
1923 Edith Wharton: A Son At The Front
1923 Paul Zifferer: Die Kaiserstadt
1924 Philippe Barrès: La guerre à vingt ans
1924 Hans Carossa: Rumänisches Tagebuch
1924 Konstantin Fedin: Города и годы (Cities and Years)
1924 Ford Madox Ford: Parade’s End
1924 Winifred Holtby: The Crowded Street
1924 Patrick Miller: Natural Man
1924 R H Mottram: Spanish Farm Trilogy (1924 The Spanish Farm; 1925 Sixty-Four, Ninety-Four; 1926 The Crime at Vanderlynden’s)
1924 (revised 1930) Stratis Myrivilis: Η ζωή εν τάφω (Life in the Tomb)
1924 Ivan Nazhivin: Распутин (Rasputin)
1924 Hermann Sinsheimer: Die Heimkehr nach Deutschland
1924 Lawrence Stallings: Plumes
1924 Jakob Wassermann: Faber order die verlorenen Jahre (Faber or The Lost Years)
1924 Ernst Wiechert: Der Totenwolf [The Death Wolf]
1925 André Chamson: Roux le Bandit (Roux the Bandit)
1925 Peter Deane (Pamela Hinkson): Victors
1925 Philip Gibbs: Unchanging Quest
1925 Jacob Paludan: Fugle omkring Fyret (Birds around the Light)
1925 René Schickele: Maria Capponi (Maria Capponi)
1925 Vladislav Vančura: Pole orná a válecná [Fields for Plough and Sword]
1925 Virginia Woolf: Mrs. Dalloway
1926 Hervey Allen: Towards the Flame
1926 Arnold Bennett: Lord Raingo
1926 Erik Braedt: Der Pflüger im Leid
1926 William Faulkner: Soldier’s Pay
1926 Leonhard Frank: Karl und Anna (Carl & Anna; later: Beloved Stranger): Soldier’s Pay
1926 Gustav Frenssen: Otto Babendiek (Otto Babendiek, US: The Anvil)
1926 Storm Jameson: Three Kingdom
1926 Helmut Lorenz: Die versunkene Flotte (The Sunken Fleet)
1926 Felix Moeschlin: Wir wollen immer Kameraden sein
1926 C. E. Montague: Rough Justice
1926 Leonard Nason: Chevrons
1926 Franz Schauwecker: Der feurige Weg (The Fiery Way)
1926 May Sinclair: Far End
1926 Osbert Sitwell: Before the Bombardment
1926 John Thomason: Fix Bayonets!
1927 Felix Braun: Agnes Altkirchner
1927 Cyril Falls: These Men, Thy Friends
1927 Donald Gristwood: Somme/The Coward
1927 Archibald Ingram: Out of Darkness
1927 Philip MacDonald: Patrol
1927 Rudolf Medek: Legionárská Epopej [Legionnaire’s Epopée]
1927 Henrik Pontopiddan: Mands Himnmerig [Man’s Heaven]
1927 Cezar Petrescu: Întunecare (Gathering Clouds)
1927 Romain Rolland: Mère et fils (Mother and Son)
1927 James Stevens: Mattock
1927 Edward Thompson: These Men, Thy Friends
1927 Milo Urban: Živý bič [Living Scourge]
1927 Georg von der Vring: Soldat Suhren (Private Suhren The Story of a German Rifleman)
1927 Arnold Zweig: Der Streit um den Sergeanten Grischa (The Case of Sergeant Grischa)
1928 Eustace Hale Ball: The Legion of the Condemned
1928 James Warner Bellah: The Sons of Cain
1928 Pierre Benoit: Axelle (Axelle)
1928 John Brophy: The Bitter End
1928 Walter Chemnitz: Das schwarze Schicksal
1928 Raymond Escholier: Mahmadou Fofana
1928 Oskar Maurus Fontana: Die Gefangene der Erde [Prisoner of the Earth]
1928 Ernst Glaeser: Jahrgang 1902 (Class of 1902)
1928 Georg Grabenhorst: Fahnenjunker Volkenborn (Zero Hour)
1928 Hans Herbert Grimm: Schlump
1928 Radclyffe Hall: The Well of Loneliness
1928 Max Jungnickel: Brennende Sense
1928 Benjamin Klička: Jaro generace
1928 Charles E. Mack: Two Black Crows in the A.E.F. (aka Moran & Mack)
1928 Compton Mackenzie: Extremes Meet
1928 W. Somerset Maugham: Ashenden
1928 Leonard Nason: Sergeant Eadie
1928 Michael Ossorgin: Сивцев Вражек (Quiet Street)
1928 Ludwig Renn: Krieg (War)
1928 Emil Schulz: Schlump: Geschichten und Abenteuer aus dem Leben des unbekannten Musketiers Emil Schulz (Schlump: The Story of an Unknown Soldier: US: Schlump: The Story of a German Soldier)
1928 Mikhail Sholokhov: Тихий Дон; (And Quiet Flows the Don)
1928 H. M. Tomlinson: Illusion, 1915
1928 James Wharton: Squad
1928 Lajos Zilahy: Két Fogoly (Two Prisoners)
1929 Peregrine Acland: All Else is Folly
1929 Richard Aldington: Death of a Hero
1929 Paul Alverdes: Die Pfeiferstube (The Whistler’s Room)
1929 Larry Barretto: Horses in the Sky
1929 Anthony Bertram: Path of Glory
1929 Werner Beumelburg: Sperrfeuer um Deutschland
1929 George Blake: The Sword Falls
1929 Karl Bröger: Bunker 17
1929 Arnolt Bronnen: O.S.
1929 Karl Bröger: Bunker 17: Geschichte einer Kameradschaft (Pill Box 17: The Story of a Comradeship-in-Arms)
1929 Jacques Deval: Sabres de bois (Wooden Swords)
1929 Stratis Doukas: Ιστορία ενός αιχμαλώτου; (A Prisoner Of War’s Story)
1929 Edwin Erich Dwinger: Die Armee hinter der Stacheldraht (The Army Behind Barbed Wire, A Siberian Diary)
1929 Viktor Dyk: Soykovy děti [Soyka’s Children]
1929 Karl Federn: Hauptmann Latour (Baron Fritz)
1929 Georg Fink (Kurt Münzer): Mich hungert
1929 C S Forester: Brown on Resolution (US: Single-Handed)
1929 Ford Madox Ford: No Enemy
1929 Alexander Frey: Die Pflasterkästen (The Cross Bearers)
1929 Kurt Gerlach: Zwischen den Fronten oder Der Krieg von unten
1929 Arthur Heimburger: Die Front im Wanken
1929 Max Heinz: Loretto – Aufzeichnungen eines Kriegsfreiwilligen (Loretto, Sketches of a German War Volunteer)
1929 Ernest Hemingway: A Farewell to Arms
1929 Max René Hesse: Partenau
1929 James Hodson: Grey Dawn-Red Night
1929 Ernst Johannsen: Vier von der Infanterie, ihre letzten Tage an der Westfront 1918 (Four infantrymen on the Western Front) (filmed as Westfront 1918)
1929 Arthur Adolfo Kuhnert: Kriegsfront der Frauen
1929 Mary Lee:”It’s a Great War!”
1929 Eugene Löhrke: Overshadowed
1929 Compton Mackenzie: Three Couriers
1929 Frederic Manning: Her Privates We
1929 Rodion Markovits: Szibériai Garnizon (Siberian Garrison)
1929 Walter Morris: Bretherton: Khaki or Field-Grey? (US:”G. B.”, A Story of the Great War)
1929 Leonard Nason: The Man in the White Slicker
1929 Martin Andersen Nexø: Midt i en Jærntid [In an Age of Iron]
1929 Liam O’Flaherty: Return of the Brute
1929 Howard W. Odum: Wings on My Feet; Black Ulysses at the Wars
1929 Theodor Plievier: Des Kaisers Kulis (The Kaiser’s Coolies)
1929 Victor Purcell: The Further Side of No-Man’s Land
1929 Erich Maria Remarque: Im Westen Nichts Neues (All Quiet on the Western Front)
1929 William Scanlon: God Have Mercy On Us
1929 Adam Scharrer: Vaterlandslose Gesellen [Companions Without a Fatherland]
1929 Franz Schauwecker: Aufbruch der Nation (The Furnace)
1929 Bayard Schindel: The Golden Pilgrimage
1929 Gordon Stowell: A History of Button Hill
1929 E. Temple Thurston: Portrait of a Spy
1929 Vsevolod Vishnevski: Война (War)
1929 Georg von der Vring: Camp Lafayette
1929 Karl Wilke: Prisonnier Halm (Prisoner Halm)
1929 Otto Bernhard Wendler: Soldaten Marieen (Soldiers’ Women)
1929 Stefan Zweig: Buchmendel (Buchmendel: The Old Book Scout)
1930 Richard Aldington: Roads to Glory
1930 Corrado Alvaro: Vent’anni (Twenty Years)
1930 John Lewis Barkley: No Hard Feelings
1930 Vernon Bartlett: No Man’s Land (US: The Unknown Soldier)
1930 C R Benstead: Retreat
1930 Werner Beumelburg: Gruppe Bosemüller
1930 Will R Bird: Private Timothy Fergus Clancy
1930 Richard Blaker: Medal Without Bar
1930 Ethel Boileau: The Arches of the Years (US: The Map of Days)
1930 Hermann Broch: Die Schlafwandler (The Sleepwalkers) (Vol 3 Hugenau oder Die Sachlichkeit (Hugenau or the Realist))
1930 Paul Bühler: Atempause der Toten
1930 Dorothy Canfield: Deepening Stream
1930 Marcelle Capy: Des hommes passèrent…
1930 Gabriel Chevallier: La peur
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1930 Elliott White Springs: Not So Quiet: Stepdaughters of War
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1930 H. M. Tomlinson: All Our Yesterdays
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1930 Ernst von Salomon: Die Geächteten (The Outlaws)
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1930 Henry Williamson: Patriot’s Progress
1931 Paul Alverdes: Reinhold oder die Verwandelten (Changed Men)
1931 René Bazin: Magnificat (Magnificat)
1931 Bruno Behm: Apis und Este (So fing es an) (They Call It Patriotism)
1931 Mary Borden: Sarah Gay
1931 Sophie Botcharsky and Florida Pier: They Knew How To Die (US: The Kinsmen Know How To Die)
1931 P C Ettighoffer: Gespenster am Toten Mann
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1994 Kevin Major: No Man’s Land
1994 Kate Saunders: Night Shall Overtake Us
1994 Jacques Tardi: C’était la guerre des tranchées [It Was Trench Warfare] [comic; his Adèle Blanc-Sec series (some translated) is also partially set in WW1]
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1996 Christophe Malavoy: Parmi tant d’autres
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2000 Bernard Léguillier: Le village assassiné
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2000 Jonathan Hull: Losing Julia
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2001 Olivier Larizza: Mon père sera de retour pour les vendanges
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2013 Pam Jenoff: The Ambassador’s Daughter
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2013 Jennifer Robson: Somewhere in France
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2017 D.G. Holliday: Damage
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2019 Caroline Scott: The Poppy Wife
2020 Amber Lough: Open Fire
2020 Abdulrazak Gurnah : Afterlives
2021 Fazle Chowdhury: Never Among Equals
2021 Suzanne Feldman: Sisters of the Great War

Charles Todd’s Ian Rutledge mysteries are about a detective who suffered from shell shock in World War I.
Many of Donald Jack’s Bart Bandy series take place in World War I.

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