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Pat Barker was born in Thornaby-on-Tees in 1943 and brought up by her grandparents. Her grandfather, who had fought in World War I, was the inspiration for her World War 1 trilogy. She studied history at the London School of Economics before becoming a teacher. She turned to writing after the birth of her children but had little success till she attended a writing course given by Angela Carter. Her greatest success has come with her World War I trilogy.

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1982 Union Street
1984 Blow Your House Down
1986 The Century’s Daughter (retitled: Liza’s England)
1989 The Man Who Wasn’t There
1991 Regeneration
1993 The Eye in the Door
1995 The Ghost Road
1998 Another World
2001 Border Crossing
2003 Double Vision
2007 Life Class
2012 Toby’s Room
2015 Noonday
2018 The Silence of the Girls
2021 The Women of Troy
2024 The Voyage Home