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Angela Carter was born Angela Stalker in Eastbourne in 1940. Her father was a journalist. During the war, she lived with her grandmother in a South Yorkshire mining village. After the war the family lived in South London and she went to the girls’ grammar school in Streatham. She worked for a short while as journalist for the Croydon Advertiser. When she was twenty she married Paul Carter, a chemist, and they went to Bristol where she studied English at the University, specializing in medieval literature. She wrote her first novel, Shadow Dance while at university and already showed her interest in sexual fantasy. Her subsequent writings pursued this theme further and showed an interest in feminism. After divorcing her husband in 1972, she spent two years in Japan. She died in 1992. Her writing shows a strong feminist stance and an interest in eroticism, extravagant fantasy and fairy tales.

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1965 Shadow Dance [US: Honeybuzzard] (novel)
1966 Five Quiet Shouters (poetry)
1966 Unicorn (poetry)
1967 The Magic Toyshop (novel)
1968 Several Perceptions (novel)
1969 Heroes and Villains (novel)
1970 The Donkey Prince (children’s)
1970 Miss Z, the Dark Young Lady (children’s)
1971 Love (novel)
1972 The Infernal Desire Machines of Dr. Hoffman (US: The War of Dreams) (novel)
1974 Fireworks: Nine Profane Pieces (short stories)
1977 The Passion of New Eve (novel)
1979 Comic and Curious Cats (children’s)
1979 The Bloody Chamber (short stories)
1979 The Sadeian Woman: An Exercise in Cultural History (US: The Sadeian Woman and the Ideology of Pornography) (non-fiction)
1980 The Music People (children’s)
1982 Moonshadow (children’s)
1982 Nothing Sacred: Selected Writings (non-fiction)
1985 Black Venus[US: Saints and Strangers] (short stories)
1985 Nights at the Circus (novel)
1985 Come Unto These Yellow Sands: Four Radio Plays
1991 Wise Children (novel)
1992 Expletives Deleted (non-fiction)
1997 Burning Your Boats (short stories)
1998 Shaking a Leg: Collected Journalism and Writings
2000 Sea-Cat and Dragon King (children’s)