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Timothy Findley was born in Toronto in 1930. He finished his formal schooling at age sixteen, planning to becoming a dancer. A fused disc put an end to that ambition so he turned to acting. He participated in the first season of the Stratford Festival in Ontario where he was coached by Alec Guinness who helped him to get a place at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London. After touring in Thornton Wilder‘s The Matchmaker, Wilder became a mentor through the intercession of actress Ruth Gordon, for whom he wrote his first short story. Findley soon turned to writing full time, though he also wrote plays – for the theatre, television and radio.

Initially his writing brought him little success but with the publication of The Wars, set in the First World War, he received international acclaim. His writing is overtly anti-fascist and he is particularly critical of those who condemn what they see as “deviant” behaviour. He died in 2002.

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1967 The Last of the Crazy People (novel)
1969 The Butterfly Plague (novel)
1977 Can You See Me Yet? (drama)
1977 The Wars (novel)
1979 John A.- Himself (drama)
1981 Famous Last Words (novel)
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1986 The Telling of Lie (novel)
1988 Stones (stories)
1990 Inside Memory : Pages from a Writer’s Workbook
1993 Headhunter (novel)
1993 The Stillborn Love (drama)
1995 The Piano Man’s Daughter (novel)
1996 You Went Away (novel)
1997 Dust to Dust (stories)
1999 Pilgrim (novel)
2000 Elizabeth Rex (drama)
2001 Spadework (novels)
2001 Shadows (drama)
2004 Journeyman: Travels of a Writer