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Ludwig Renn was born Arnold Friedrich Vieth von Golsseneau in Dresden in 1889. His father, an aristocrat, taught mathematics. He joined the army in 1910 and fought in World War 1 on the western front. After the war, he worked as a police officer but resigned, after refusing to fire at revolutionaries during the Kapp Putsch. He then went to university, where he studied economics, art history and Russian and then worked as an art dealer. After travelling in the Far East, he wrote and published his best-known novel, Krieg (War; Warfare: The Relation Of War And Society), about his experiences in World War 1. At this time, he gave up his aristocratic name and adopted the name of the hero of his book, Ludwig Renn. He became a communist and was arrested and imprisoned by the Nazis. After his release, he went to Spain where he fought in the Spanish Civil War. After the defeat of the Republicans, he went to Mexico, where he remained till 1947, returning to East Germany, where he lived till his death in 1979. He will be remembered for his two novels on World War 1, the only two of his novels to be translated into English.

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Ludwig Renn
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Ludwig Renn (in German)
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1928 Krieg (War; Warfare: The Relation Of War And Society)
1929 In vorderster Linie
1930 Nachkrieg (After War)
1932 Russlandfahrten
1936 Vor grossen Wandlungen (Death without Battle)
1944 Adel im Untergang
1950 Morelia, Eine Universitätsstadt in Mexiko
1952 Vom alten und neuen Rumänien
1954 Trini, Die Geschichte e, Indianerjungen
1955 Der Neger Nobi
1955 Die Schlacht bei Guadalajara
1956 Der spanische Krieg
1956 Herniu und der blinde Asni
1957 Krieg ohne Schlacht
1957 Meine Kindheit und Jugend
1958 Herniu und Armin
1961 Auf den Trümmern des Kaiserreiches
1963 Camilo
1963 Inflation
1966 Zu Fuss zum Orient
1967 Ausweg
1967 Nobis Abenteuer
1969 Krieg ohne Schlacht
1976 Krieger, Landsknecht und Soldat (with Helmut Schnitter)
1979 In Mexiko
1980 Anstösse in meinem Leben