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Pierre Lemaitre was born in1951 in Paris. He studied psychology and then taught French and US literature for a long time before taking up writing. He won a prize for his first novel and since then has written mainly thrillers, particularly the Camille Verhoeven series. He won the Goncourt Prize for Au revoir là-haut (The Great Swindle), a novel set during and after World War I. CSeveral of his books are available in English translation.

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2006 Travail soigné (Irène) (novel)
2009 Robe de marié (novel)
2010 Cadres noirs (Inhuman Resources) (novel)
2011 Alex (Alex) (novel)
2012 Sacrifices (Camille) (novel)
2013 Au revoir là-haut (The Great Swindle) (novel)
2013 Rosy & John (Rosy & John) (novel)
2016 Trois jours et une vie (Three Days and a Life) (novel)
2018 Couleurs de l’incendie (UK: All human wisdom, US:The Colours of the Inferno) (novel)
2020 Miroir de nos peines (Mirror of Our Sorrows) (novel)
2022 Le Grand Monde (novel)
2022 Le Serpent majuscule (novel)