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David Malouf was born in Brisbane in 1934 of Lebanese and English parents. After studying at the University of Queensland, he spent nine years in Europe, working as a teacher in England. He returned to Australia and taught English at the University of Sydney before becoming a full-time writer. As well as novels, Malouf has written poetry, essays, short stories, a play and the libretto for Richard Meale‘s opera of Voss.

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Ivor Indyk: David Malouf

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1970 Bicycle and Other Poems (US: The Year of the Foxes and Other Poems)
1973 Relative Freedom: the Tempest (lecture)
1974 Neighbours in a Thicket (poetry)
1975 Johnno (novel)
1976 Poems 1975-76
1978 An Imaginary Life (novel)
1979 The Year of the Foxes and Other Poems (poetry)
1980 First Things Last
1980 Wild Lemons (poetry)
1981 Selected Poems
1982 Fly Away Peter (novel)
1981 Child’s Play, The Bread of Time to Come: two novellas
1982 Child’s Play with Eustace and The Prowler
1984 Harland’s Half Acre (novel)
1985 12 Edmondstone Street (memoirs)
1985 Antipodes (stories)
1988 Blood Relations (drama)
1990 The Great World (novel)
1991 Selected Poems
1992 David Malouf : Poems 1959-1989
1993 Remembering Babylon (novel)
1993 Bicycle: a Poem
1994 Selected Poems, 1959-89
1996 The Conversations at Curlow Creek (novel)
1998 A Spirit of Play – Boyer Lectures
1999 Untold Tales (novel)
2000 Dream Stuff (stories)
2001 Voss: An Opera in Two Acts After the Novel by Patrick White (libretto)
2002 Mandy Martin: Peripecia: the Salvator Rosa Series (art)
2003 Made in England: Australia’s British inheritance
2006 Every Move You Make (stories)
2007 The Complete Stories (stories)
2007 Typewriter Music (poetry)
2008 Revolving Days (poetry)
2008 On Experience (essay)
2009 Ransom (novel)
2011 The Happy Life (essay)
2013 Sky News (poetry)
2013 Earth Hour (poetry)
2014 The Writing Life (essay)
2015 Being There