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Ford Madox Ford was born Ford Hermann Hueffer in 1873 in Merton, Surrey. He later changed his name to Ford Madox Hueffer and, finally, Ford Madox Ford, in honour of his maternal grandfather, the painter Ford Madox Brown. Because of his grandfather, he spent a lot of his childhood with various figures of the pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. His father, Francis Hueffer, was of German origin and was the music critic of The Times. He travelled throughout Europe when young and became a keen supporter of French art and literature. He worked with Joseph Conrad on two novels and was a clear influence on Conrad (though they had falling-out later on). He also influenced some of the early imagist poets, including Ezra Pound . He was an early supporter of D. H. Lawrence.

His personal life was somewhat messy. He eloped with and then married Elsie Martindale. The marriage was a failure but they never divorced. Ford had a series of affairs, including with his wife’s sister, with Jean Rhys, with the writer Violet Hunt and, towards the end of his life, the American artist Janice Biala.

His work was neglected for some time but he is now recognised as a key modernist. The Good Soldier is considered his best work but, in my view, Parade’s End is one of the key novels of the twentieth century and, along with Die Schlafwandler (The Sleepwalkers) rates as the key novel showing how the world changed after World War 1.

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