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Robert Edric was born Gary Edric Armitage in Sheffield in 1956. His father was a store manager. He attended the University of Hull, where he graduated with a B.A. and Ph. D. in geography. He has written books under his own name and under the pseudonym of Robert Edric.

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1985 A Season of Peace
1985 Winter Garden
1986 A New Ice Age
1986 Across the Autumn Grass
1989 A Lunar Eclipse
1990 In the Days of the American Museum
1992 The Broken Lands
1993 Hallowed Ground
1994 The Earth Made of Glass
1995 Elysium
1997 In Desolate Heaven
1999 Sword Cabinet
2000 Book of the Heathen
2002 Peacetime
2003 Cradle Song
2004 Siren Song
2005 Swan Song
2006 The Mermaids
2006 Gathering the Water
2007 The Kingdom of Ashes
2008 In Zodiac Light
2010 Lives of Savages
2010 Salvage
2011 The London Satyr
2012 The Devil’s Beat
2013 The Monster’s Lament
2014 Sanctuary
2015 Field Service
2016 Wrack Line
2018 Mercury Falling
2020 My Own Worst Enemy : Scenes of a Sheffield Childhood