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Nina Abbott: Look at the Clock
Kate Alexander: Paths of Peace
Rosie Alison: The Very Thought of You
Simon Armitage: Little Green Man
James Leslie Armstrong: Heir of St.Amerald
J. B. Aspinall: Sparrow Hall
Kate Atkinson: Behind the Scenes at the Museum
Kate Atkinson: Started Early, Took My Dog
Margaret Bacon: Snow in Winter
Margaret Baillie-Saunders: Lost Landladies
Lynne Reid Banks: Dark Quartet
Sabine Baring-Gould: Pennycomequicks
Clive Barker: Sacrament
Nicola Barker: Burley Cross Postbox Theft
Robert Barnard: A Hovering of Vultures
Robert Barnard: The Corpse at the Haworth Tandoori
Amelia Edith Barr: Master of His Fate
Amelia Edith Barr: Between Two Loves
June Barraclough: Rooks Nest
Stan Barstow: A Kind of Loving
Stan Barstow: A Brother’s Tale
Mary Beaumont: Joan Seaton
Martyn Bedford: Black Cat
William Bedford: The Freedom Tree
Alice Bell: Angel Try
Ronan Bennett: Havoc, In Its Third Year
Phyllis Bentley: Carr
Phyllis Bentley: Inheritance
Phyllis Bentley: Manhold
Phyllis Bentley: A Modern Tragedy
Phyllis Bentley: Ring in the New
Phyllis Bentley: Rise of Harry Morcar
Phyllis Bentley: Sleep in Peace
Phyllis Bentley: Take Courage
R. D. Blackmore: Mary Anerley
Maureen Boleyn: The Silken Web
Florence Bone: Clacking Shuttles
Florence Bone: Dark Piper
Florence Bone: A Rose of York
Edward Charles Booth: The Cliff End
Edward Charles Booth: Fondie
Edward Charles Booth: The Treble Clef
Edward Charles Booth: The Tree of the Garden
Richard A. Booth: A Rich Vein Of Luck
Pete Bostock: The Lantern Club
Mary Elizabeth Braddon: The Trail of the Serpent
John Braine: Room at the Top
John Braine: Stay with me Till Morning
John Braine: The Two of Us
Charlotte Brontë: Jane Eyre
Charlotte Brontë: Shirley
Emily Brontë: Wuthering Heights
Hugh Brune: Your House Is Mine
J E Buckrose: The Privet Hedge
James Burnley: Looking for the Dawn
Frances Hodgson Burnett: The Secret Garden
A. S. Byatt: Possession
A. S. Byatt: Still Life
A. S. Byatt: The Virgin in the Garden
A. S. Byatt: A Whistling Woman
Jane Cable: The Cheesemaker’s House
J. L. Carr: A Month in the Country
Clare Chambers: The Editor’s Wife
Bill Cheesman: The Homecoming
Jonathan Coe: What a Carve Up! (US: The Winshaw Legacy)
Susanna Clarke: Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
Wilkie Collins: The Moonstone
John Connor: Phoenix
Deborah Crombie: Leave the Grave Green
Deborah Crombie: Mourn Not Your Dead
Deborah Crombie: A Share in Death
Helen Cross: My Summer of Love
Viola Di Grado: Settanta acrilico trenta lana (70% Acrylic 30% Wool)
Margaret Drabble: The Peppered Moth
Jeremy Dronfield: The Locust Farm
Helen Dunmore: The Greatcoat
Marjorie Eccles: Echoes of Silence
Ian Emberson: Pirouette of Earth
J. R. Endeacott: No More Heroes
J. R. Endeacott: One Northern Soul
Rosemary Enright: The Walled Garden
Susan Everett: Crazy Horse
Kate Fenton: Balancing on Air
Kate Fenton: Picking Up
Eva Figes: Nelly’s Version
H K Fleming: Eden, Eden
J. S. Fletcher: Highcroft Farm
J. S. Fletcher: Quarry Farm
J. S. Fletcher: Yorkshire Moorland Murder
Helen Flint: In Full Possession
Edna Forrest: Aggie
Sara Foster: Beneath the Shadows
Jessie Fothergill: Kith and Kin
Alma Fritchley: Chicken Feed
Alma Fritchley: Chicken Run
Sybil Fuller: A Time To Remember
Jane Gardam: A Few Fair Days
Jane Gardam: A Few Fair Days
Jane Gardam: A Long Way from Verona
Mrs. Gaskell: Sylvia’s Lovers
Elizabeth George: A Great Deliverance
Elizabeth George: Playing for the Ashes
James Gibbins: Searching for Johnny
George Gissing: A Yorkshire Lass
Lesley Glaister: Now You See Me
Lesley Glaister: The Private Parts of Women
Jennie Godfrey: The List of Suspicious Things
Oliver Goldsmith: The Vicar of Wakefield
J.M. Graham: Inside The Cortex
Roger Granelli: Dark Edge
Joanne Greenberg: The King’s Persons
John Greenwood: Mosley by Moonlight
Charlotte Grey: Legacy
Pamela Haines: Men on White Horses
Lin Haire-Sargeant: H.– : The Story of Heathcliff’s Journey Back to Wuthering Heights
Philip Gilbert Hamerton: Wenderholme: a Story of Lancashire and Yorkshire
T Walter Harding: The Abbott of Kirkstall
Cynthia Harrod-Eagles: The Morland Dynasty series
John Berwick Harwood: Sir Robert Shirley, Bart
Emily Heaton: White Windows
Constance Heaven: Larksghyll
Philip Hensher: The Northern Clemency
G. A. Henty: Through the Fray
Mary Clementina Hibbert Ware: Fairfax of Fuyston
Rosa Hill: Ramillies
Barry Hines: A Kestrel for a Knave
Barry Hines: The Price of Coal
S K Hocking: Crookleigh
Francs Hodgson Burnett: The Secret Garden
Victoria Holt: Kirkland Revels
Winifred Holtby: Anderby Wold
Winifred Holtby: South Riding
Robert Holmes: Farquhar Frankheart
Charles Hooton: Colin Clink
Audrey Howard: The Flight of Swallows
Mary Howitt: Hope on, Hope Ever
Mary Huddleston: Reuben Gaunt
Glyn Hughes: Brontë
Glyn Hughes: Hawthorn Goddess
Glyn Hughes: Rape of Rose
Glyn Hughes: Where I Used to Play on the Green
Brenda Jagger: Days of Grace
George Payne Rainsford James: Arrah Neil
James Johnson: Friends and Foes
Annie Keary: Mia and Charlie
Brendan Kennelly: The Florentines
Rosa Mackenzie Kettle (Mary Rosa Stuart Kettle): Hillesden on the Moors
Rosa Mackenzie Kettle (Mary Rosa Stuart Kettle): The Mistress of Langdale Hall
Mary Linksill: Haven Under the Hill
Alison Littlewood: A Cold Season
Ian R. MacLeod: The Light Ages
Andrew Martin: The Bobby Dazzlers
Andrew Martin: The Lost Luggage Porter
Chris Massarella: The Trap
Carole Matthews: The Difference A Day Makes
William Mayne: Ravensgill
Val McDermid: The Torment of Others
Frances McNeil: Somewhere Behind the Morning
Frances McNeil: Sisters Of Fortune
Ben Myers: The Offing
Frances Nugent: Northern Lights
Keith Oatley: A Natural History
Oliver Onions: Little Devil Doubt
Oliver Onions: Poor Man’s Tapestry
Lauren Owen: The Quick
Catherine Palmer: A Victorian Rose
David Peace: Red Riding Quartet (Nineteen Seventy-Four, Nineteen Seventy-Seven, Nineteen Eighty, Nineteen Eighty-Three)
David Peace: GB84
Barrie Pepper: The Landlord’s Tale
H. F. M. Prescott: The Man on a Donkey
Ross Raisin: God’s Own Country
T Wemyss Reid: Marleverer’s Millions
Nick Revell: House of the Spirit Levels
Willie Riley: Windyridge
Michèle Roberts: The Mistressclass
Joseph Robertshaw: Tom Lee
Jane Rogers: The Ice is Singing
Humphrey Sandwith: Minsterborough
C J Sansom: Sovereign
Paul Sayer: The God Child
Peter B. Scaife: The White Sleeve
Fiona Shaw: The Sweetest Thing
Jan Siegel: Prospero’s Children
Clancy Sigal: Weekend in Dinlock
May Sinclair: Three Sisters
Osbert Sitwell: Before the Bombardment
J. Keighley Snowden: Barbara West
J. Keighley Snowden: Jack the Outlaw
J. Keighley Snowden: King Jack
J. Keighley Snowden: The Plunder Pit
Laurence Sterne: A Political Romance
Laurence Sterne: Tristram Shandy
Jane Stevenson: Walking With Angels (in The Good Women collection)
Bram Stoker: Dracula
David Storey: Saville
David Storey: This Sporting Life
Gordon Stowell: A History of Button Hill
Adelle Stripe: Black Teeth and a Brilliant Smile
Harrison Sutcliffe: Crimson Field
Harrison Sutcliffe: A Man of the Moors
Harrison Sutcliffe: Shameless Wayne
Harrison Sutcliffe: Wildesome
Mandy Sutter: The Wonderful Scent Of Cut Wood
Mary Taylor: Miss Miles
Margaret Thornton: Above the Bright Blue Sky
John Rowe Townsend: Hell’s Edge
Joan Tucker: Moving On
Peter Turnbull: Fear of Drowning
F Rylstone Var: The Witch of Knaresboro’
Rebecca Wait: The Followers
Leo Walmsley: Foreigners
Leo Walmsley: Phantom Lobster
Leo Walmsley: Sally Lunn
Leo Walmsley: Sound of the Sea
Leo Walmsley: Three Fever
Keith Waterhouse: Billy Liar
James Whalley: The Wild Moor
Alan White: Ravenswyke
Cecilia Willoughby: Friday’s Morn
Rhys Wilson: Blood Lust
Jack Wood: A Man Of Stone
Note that Deborah Crombie, from Richardson, Texas, has set several of her Duncan Kincaid novels in England, with some set in Yorkshire, where Kincaid has a time-share. Peter Robinson’s Inspector Banks mysteries, Reginald Hill’s Dalziel and Pascoe mysteries, Patricia Hall’s Detective Chief Inspector Michael Thackeray mysteries, John Waddington-Feather’s Blake Hartley novels, Roger Silverwood’s Detective Angel, Stuart Pawson’s Charlie Priest mysteries, Robert Barnard’s Charlie Peace detective series, Sam Thomas’ Midwife Mysteries series, Candace Robb’s Owen Archer mysteries and John William Wainwright’s mysteries are set in Yorkshire. And there is always James Herriot.

Writers born in Yorkshire

Alcuin of York
John Arden
Simon Armitage
Kate Atkinson
W H Auden
Alfred Austin
Ginny Baily
Stan Barstow
Louis Battye
Simon Beckett
David Belbin
Alan Bennett
Phyllis Bentley
Mary Berry
Jessica Blair (Bill Spence)
Peter Bland
Edward Charles Booth
Naomi Booth
Charles Boyle
Malcolm Bradbury
Barbara Taylor Bradford
William Bradford
John Braine
Thomas Brasch
Anne Brontë
Charlotte Brontë
Emily Brontë
J E Buckrose
A. S. Byatt
Bruce Chatwin
Godfrey Childe
Lindsay Clarke
William Congreve
Lettice Cooper
Lionel Davidson
Donald Davie
Margaret Drabble
Helen Dunmore
Francis Durbridge
Amy G. Eddison
Robert Edric
Sarah Stickney Ellis
Steve Ellis
Ian Emberson
William Empson
Peter Everett
Helen Fielding
J. S. Fletcher
Jane Gardam
Hugh Garner (Canadian novelist)
Robert Murray Gilchrist
George Gissing
John Godber
Nicola Griffith
Russell Haley (New Zealand writer)
Patricia Hall (Maureen O’Connor)(
Willis Hall
David Halliwell
Michael Hardwick
Joanne Harris
Craig Harrison (New Zealand writer)
Tony Harrison
Dorothy Hartley
Rayner Heppenstall
David Hewson
Susan Hill
Barry Hines
Stuart Holroyd
Winifred Holtby
John Howlett
Fred Hoyle
Ted Hughes
Storm Jameson
Ann Jellicoe
Gary Kilworth
Mary Linskill (Stephen Yorke)
Philip Mann
Andrew Marvell
Sydney Matthewman
Thomas Maude
Steve McCaffery (Canadian poet)
Ian McMillan
David Mercer
Elizabeth Montagu
Blake Morrison
Geoff Nicholson
Oliver Onions
Julia Pardoe
Harriet Parr (Holme Lee)
Tom Paulin (Irish poet, playwright and critic)
David Peace
J B Priestley
Ross Raisin
Arthur Ransome
Richard Rayner
Herbert Read
Colin Robertson
Peter Robinson
Suhayl Saadi
Flora Sandes
Humphrey Sandwith
Leslie Sands
Josephine Saxton
Chris Scott (Canadian novelist)
Sarah Scott
Edith Joy Scovell
Edith Sitwell
Sacheverell Sitwell
Frederick E Smith (David Farrell)
Ken Smith
Stevie Smith
Adelle Stripe
David Storey
Gordon Stowell
Charles Stross
Barry Tebb
Ethel Turner (Australian writer)
Don Waddell
John Waddington-Feather
Leo Walmsley
Keith Waterhouse
Rachel Wyatt (Canadian novelist)
Sara Woods (Lana Bowden-Judd, Anne Burton, Mary Challis, Margaret Leek)
John Wycliffe

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