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David Storey is probably best known for his plays but he is also a very accomplished novelist and has won several prizes for his novels. He was born in Wakefield in Yorkshire in 1933, the son of a coal miner. After school he attended the Slade School of Fine Art. He had various jobs after graduating, including one as a professional rugby player which he used as the basis for his first novel, This Sporting Life , later made into a successful film starring Richard Harris. Both his novels and plays are concerned with social mobility and the mental disturbance it frequently seems to cause. Though they are, on the surface, realistic, his works tend to use symbolism and what is not said is often as important as what is said. He died in 2017.

Books about David Storey

William Hutchings (ed.): David Storey: A Casebook
John Russell Taylor: David Storey

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1960 This Sporting Life
1960 Flight into Camden
1963 Radcliffe
1967 The Restoration of Arnold Middleton:
1969 In Celebration
1970 The Contractor
1970 Home
1972 The Changing Room
1972 Pasmore
1973 Cromwell
1973 A Temporary Life
1973 Edward
1973 The Farm
1975 Life Class
1976 Saville
1976 This Sporting Life
1978 Home, The Changing Room and Mother’s Day
1980 Plays. Selections. Early Days; Sisters and Life Class
1982 A Prodigal Child
1982 In Celebration; The Contractor; The Restoration of Arnold Middleton; The Farm
1984 Present Times
1989 The March on Russia
1992 Storey’s Lives: Poems,1951-91
1992 Plays 1 (The Contractor, Home, Stages, Caring)
1993 Phoenix
1994 Plays 2 (The Restoration of Arnold Middleton; In Celebration; The March on Russia)
1998 Plays 3 (The Changing Room, Cromwell, Life Class)
1998 A Serious Man
1999 Farm Yarns
2002 As it Happened
2004 Thin-Ice Skater
2021 A Stinging Delight