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Abdelhamid Benhadouga


Abdelhamid Benhadouga was born in al-Hamra in North-East Algeria in 1925. He studied French an Arabic and then went to France, where he studied and worked as an industrial worker. He then worked in radio while becoming active in the Algerian independence movement. He worked for the Voice of Algeria in Tunisia before heading the Arabic and Berber radio stations in Algeria after independence. He started writing while in Tunisia, writing poetry, short stories and novels, as well as translating from French into Arabic. He died in 1996.

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1967 الأرواح الشاغرة (Les âmes vacantes) (poetry)
1970 ريح الجنوب (Le vent du sud) [The Wind from the South] (novel)
1975 ية الامس (La fin d’hier) (novel)
1981 بان الصبح (La mise à nu) (novel)
1983 الجازية والدراويش : رواية (Djazya et les derviches) (novel)
1992 غدا يوم جديد : رواية (Je rêve d’un monde) (novel)
1997 ذكريات وجراح : قصص (Blessure d’une mémoire) (stories)