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Mourad Bourboune was born in Jijel, Kabylia in 1938. He studied in Constantine, Tunis and Paris. He taught in Constantine and was one of the leaders of the teachers’ strike there. He was a militant in the Algerian Revolution. After the revolution, he became a writer and was one of the founders of the Algerian writers’ union. After the June 1965 coup d’état by Boumediene, he left Algeria and went to live in France. He wrote the scenario for a film on Larbi Ben M’hidi, which was never made. Though he did later return to Algeria, he went back to Paris, where he continued to live.

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Only books translated into French

1962 Le mont des genêts
1964 Le pèlerinage païen (poetry)
1968 Le Muezzin [The Muezzin] (later: Le Muezzin bègue)
1968 Les dieux brûlés