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Mammeri was born 28 December 1917 in Taourirt, Algeria. He studied in Morocco and then at the Sorbonne in Paris. He started to take an active interest in Algerian and Berber affairs on returning to Algeria. He fought in the French army during World War II. He taught in Algeria after the War. When war broke out in Algeria, he was already a member of the FLN (National Liberation Front). He escaped from the French military by going to Morocco, where he resumed his teaching career. He returned to Algeria and was the first president of the Algerian Writers’ Union. He was killed in a car crash in February 1989 when returning from a conference in Morocco.

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1952 La Colline Oubliée [The Forgotten Hill]
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1983 Fragments de durée (poetry)
1984 Ahllil Tgurarin (L’ahellil du Gourara)
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1988 Poèmes Kabyles anciens
1989 Inna-yas Ccix Muhend
1990 Hoggar Tassili : vents de sable
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1994 Ameur des arcades
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