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Kateb Yacine


He was born in Constantine in 1929. Though he had a religious upbringing, he was soon involved in Algerian politics. He became a journalist and travelled around the East before settling in France. Nedjma (Nedjma) was published during Algeria’s war of liberation with France and is probably the most famous Algerian novel. He returned to Algeria in 1963 but continued his travels, including visits to the Soviet Union and Hanoi. He wrote poetry, novels and plays and was director of a theatre company in Algeria. He died of leukemia in 1989.

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1946 Soliloques (poetry)
1948 Abdelkader et l’indépendance algerienne
1956 Nedjma (Nedjma)
1958 Poudre d’intelligence (Intelligence Powder) (drama)
1959 Le cercle des représailles (drama)
1966 Le polygone étoilé
1967 Les ancêtres redoublent de férocité (drama)
1970 L’homme aux sandales de caoutchouc (drama)
1986 Loin de Nedjma (poetry)
1986 L’oeuvre en fragments
1994 Le poète comme un boxeur : entretiens, 1958-1989
1999 Boucherie de l’espérance (drama)
1999 Minuit passé de douze heures (journalism)
2004 Parce que c’est une femme (drama)