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Ibrahim Al-Koni


Ibrahim Al-Koni was born in 1948 in Ghadames. He learned Arabic as a second language, having been born into a Tuareg family and speaking Tamasheq as his mother tongue. He studied at the Gorky Institute in Moscow and worked as a journalist in Moscow and Warsaw. He has lived in Switzerland since 1993. He has written over eighty works, including novels, stories and aphorisms.

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Only books translated into English

1986 نزيف الحجر (The Bleeding of the Stone)
1990-91 المجوس (The Animists)
1992 التبر (Gold Dust)
1998 الدمية : رواية (The Puppet)
1998 الفزاعة (The Scarecrow)
1999 واو الصغرى : رواية (New Waw, Saharan Oasis)
2001 المجوس (The Fetishists)
2002 أنوبيس (Anubis)
2003 البحث عن المكان الضائع (The Seven Veils of Seth)