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Ibrahim Al-Koni


Ibrahim Al-Koni was born in 1948 in Ghadames. He learned Arabic as a second language, having been born into a Tuareg family and speaking Tamasheq as his mother tongue. He studied at the Gorky Institute in Moscow and worked as a journalist in Moscow and Warsaw. He has lived in Switzerland since 1993. He has written over eighty works, including novels, stories and aphorisms.

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Only books translated into English

1986 نزيف الحجر (The Bleeding of the Stone)
1990-91 المجوس (The Animists)
1992 التبر (Gold Dust)
1998 الدمية : رواية (The Puppet)
1998 الفزاعة (The Scarecrow)
1999 واو الصغرى : رواية (New Waw, Saharan Oasis)
2001 المجوس (The Fetishists)
2002 أنوبيس (Anubis)
2003 البحث عن المكان الضائع (The Seven Veils of Seth)
2019 ـلـيـل فـي حـق الـنـهـار، روايـ (The Night Will Have Its Say)