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Habib Selmi was born in El Alâa in 1951. He studied Arabic language and literature at the University of Tunis. He taught Arabic for five years before going to France to finish his studies at the Sorbonne. He worked as a journalist before continuing his career as a teacher but this time in France. He has written two books of stories and eight novels, one of which has been translated into English.

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Habib Selmi
Habib Selmi
Habib Selmi (in French)
Habib Selmi (in French)


Note that French title is given where the book has been translated into French

1977 مدن الرجل المهاجر (stories)
1986 امـرأة الـسـاعـات الأربـع (stories)
1988 جبل العنز (Le mont-des-chèvres) (novel)
1990 صورة بدوي ميت، (novel)
1994 متاهات الرمل (novel)
1999 حفر دافئة، (La Nuit de l’étranger) (novel)
2001 عشاق بيه، (Les Amoureux de Bayya) (novel)
2004 أسرار عبد الله، (novel)
2008 روائح ماري كلير (Les Humeurs de Marie-Claire) (The Scents of Marie-Claire) (novel)
2010 نساء البساتين (Souriez, vous êtes en Tunisie!) [The Women of al-Basatin (Arabic title); Smile, You Are In Tunisia (French title)] (novel)
2013 عواطف وزوارهادار الآداب، بيروت
2016 وت، (La nuit de noces de Si Béchir)