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Calixthe Beyala was born in Douala, Cameroon, in 1961. She was brought up by an older sister who sent her to school. When she was seventeen she went to France, where she married and passed her baccalauréat. She has lived in Malaga and Corsica but now lives in Paris with her two children. As well as writing, she has been very active politically, fighting for a greater voice of Africans as well as greater awareness of the AIDS pandemic in Africa. She has also been controversial – with her writing condemned for its overt sexuality, twice being sued for plagiarism and for her unsuccessful suit against Michel Drucker for breach of contract.

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1987 C’est le soleil qui m’a brûlée (The Sun Hath Looked Upon Me)
1988 Tu t’appelleras Tanga (Your Name Shall be Tanga)
1990 Seul le diable le savait (also called: La négresse rousse)
1992 Le Petit prince de Belleville (Loukoum : the”Little Prince” of Belleville)
1993 Maman a un amant
1994 Assèze l’Africaine
1995 La Négresse rousse
1995 Lettre d’une Africaine à ses soeurs occidentales
1996 Les Honneurs perdus
1998 La petite fille du réverbère
1999 Amours sauvages
2000 Lettre d’une Afro-française à ses compatriotes. (Vous avez dit racistes?)
2000 Comment cuisiner son mari à l’africaine (How to Cook Your Husband the African Way)
2002 Les arbres en parlent encore
2003 Femme nue femme noire
2005 La Plantation
2007 L’homme qui m’offrait le ciel
2009 Le Roman de Pauline
2010 Les Lions indomptables
2014 Le Christ selon l’Afrique,