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Adrienne Yabouza was born in 1965. She is of Yakoma heritage. She started to write when she was ten and the family had to flee the civil war in the Central African Republic and go to the Republic of the Congo. She then went to France where she was given political asylum. She returned to the Central African Republic but had to flee again after the 2013 coup d’état. She has had various jobs, including running a hair salon. While she writes in French she also speaks Sango, Lingala and Yakoma. She has written stories, children’s books and novels. Many of her works deal with the problems women face in the Central African Republic. She has five children whom she brought up on her own when her husband died.

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2008 La Défaite des mères (novel)
2009 Bangui… allowi (novel)
2010 Le Bleu du ciel biani biani (novel)
2010 Coup d’État (novel)
2013 La Maltraite des veuves (novel)
2015 Comme des oiseaux (children’s)
2015 Co-épouses et co-veuves, (Co-wives, Co-widows) (novel)
2017 L’Histoire du chasseur (with Antoine Guillopé – children’s)
2018 La Patience du baobab (novel)
2018 Biaka sauvée (children’s)
2019 La pluie lave le ciel (novel)
2019 Méchante Nuit (story)
2019 Le Chien Qui Rit (story)
2019 Une Poupée pour Maman (The Magic Doll) (children’s)
2021 Le Mal de Mer (story)