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Nana Grey-Johnson was born in Banjul in 1951. He obtained a B.A. in communication and M.A. in journalism from Stanford University. He has worked extensively as a journalist and founded the Agency of Media and Communication. He was, for a short time, Minister of Information in Gambia but was fired from that post.

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1987 Krio Engagement and Other Stories (under the pen name Nana Humasi) (stories)
1988 King Pass King (drama)
1995 Children of the Spyglass (stories)
1997 I of Ebony (novel)
1998 The Magic Calabash (novel)
2002 Edward Francis Small: Watchdog of the Gambia
2004 “Rights is our empowerment” =”Suñu Waref Mooy Suñu Doole”: ActionAid the Gambia country strategy paper II, 2000-2004
2004 The Story of The Newspaper in The Gambia
2015 Max the Cat