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Gauz was born Armand Patrick Gbaka-Brédé in 1971 in Le Plateau, a district of Abidjan. His father was a teacher and a socialist member of parliament His mother was a nurse and communist. he was influenced by reading Ahmadou Kourouma and Louis-Ferdinand Céline. In 1999 he came to France to study biochemistry and worked as a security guard. He has since left France to live in Grand-Bassam. He has worked as a photographer, script-writer and newspaper editor. He has written three novels, one of which has been translated into English.

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Gauz (in French)
Gauz reçoit le Grand Prix Littéraire d’Afrique noire 2018 pour Camarade Papa (in French)


2014 Debout-Payé (Standing Heavy) (novel)
2018 Camarade Papa (Comrade Papa )
2020 Black Manoo
2022 Cocoaïans (naissance d’une nation chocolat)
2024 Les portes