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Meja Mwangi was born Nanyuki, Kenya, in 1948. The area was where the Mau-Mau were most active. He attended Kenyatta College, which was not then a university but never attended university, though he tried for admission to the University of Nairobi. He achieved fame with Kill Me Quick, the second novel he wrote but the first published. Carcase for Hounds was the first novel he wrote and the second published. It was made into a film. Mwangi worked a lot in the cinema in various capacities and also worked on broadcast journalism. He has written novels, short stories, children’s and young adult fiction, drama and screenplays.

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1973 Kill Me Quick (novel)
1974 Carcase for Hounds (novel)
1975 Taste of Death
1976 Going Down River Road (novel)
1979 The Cockroach Dance (novel)
1979 The Bushtrackers (novel)
1983 Assassins on Safari (under the pseudonym of David Duchi) (novel)
1987 Bread of Sorrow (novel)
1989 The Return of Shaka (novel)
1989 Weapon of Hunger (novel)
1990 Striving for the Wind (novel)
1990 Little White Man (later: The Mzungu Boy) (children’s)
1993 The Hunter’s Dream (children’s)
1996 Jimi the Dog (children’s)
2000 The Last Plague (young adult)
2001 Mountain of Bones (children’s)
2005 The Mzungu Boy (children’s)
2006 The Boy Gift (novel)
2007 Mama Dudu, the Insect Woman (novel)
2007 Baba Pesa (novel)
2007 The Big Chiefs (novel)
2007 Gun Runner (screenplay)
2009 Power (drama)
2009 Blood Brothers (drama)
2013 Rafiki – Man Guitar (novel)
2014 The Muzunu Boy (children’s)
2015 Christmas Without Tusker (children’s)