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Michèle Rakotoson was born in 1948 in Antananarivo. Her father was a journalist and her mother a librarian. After taking her bachelor’s degree in Malagasy literature in Madagascar, she took a diplôme d’études approfondies in sociology in France. She worked in Madagascar as a teacher and a theatre director before returning to France, leaving Madagascar for political reasons. In France she worked for French radio and television. As well as several novels, she has also written several plays and short stories. She remains very active in Malagasy political affairs. She has also been very involved in the Bokiko project, which aims to support publishing in Madagascar.

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1984 Dadabé (novel)
1988 Le Bain des reliques [The Bath of Relics] (novel)
1996 Elle, au printemps (novel)
1998 Henoÿ – Fragments en Écorce (novel)
2002 Lalana (novel)
2007 Juillet au pays (stories)
2010 Tovonay, l’enfant du Sud (novel)
2011 Passeport pour Antananarivo (stories)
2015 Madame à la campagne: chroniques malgaches