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Yambo Ouologuem was born in Bandiagara, Mali in 1940. He was the descendant of a ruling family. After studying in Mali, he continued his studies in France. he earned degrees in English, literature and philosophy at the Ecole normale supérieure. He taught for a while while preparing a doctorate in sociology. He published his best known novel Le Devoir de violence (Bound to Violence) in 1968. This novel was later accused of plagiarism. He later published a collection of essays and an erotic novel. He later returned to Mali, where he was the director of a youth centre. He died in 2017.

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1968 Le Devoir de violence (Bound to Violence)
1969 Lettre à la France nègre
1969 Les Milles et un bibles du sexe
1969 Terres de soleil
1973 Introduction aux lettres africaines
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