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Mohamedou Ould Slahi was born in Rosso, Mauritania in 1970. He received a scholarship from the Carl Duisberg Society to study in Germany, where he earned an electrical engineering degree from the University of Duisburg. In 1991 he went to Afghanistan to fight with the the mujaheddin. They had been supported by the United States when fighting against the Soviets. He trained at a training camp run by Al-Qaeda. Though swearing loyalty to Al-Qaeda, he returned to Germany without fighting. He briefly returned again and fought for six weeks against the Afghan government but not against the United States. His cousin was spiritual adviser to Osama bin Laden but was against the 9/11 attacks and left Al-Qaeda after them.

He then moved to Canada as his German visa was not renewed. He later returned to Mauritania, where he was interrogated by US agents and released. After the 9/11 attacks he was again interrogated and transported by the CIA to Jordan using extraordinary rendition. He claimed he was tortured and forced to confess to his involvement in the 9/11 attacks. He was then sent to Guantánamo and tortured. He remained there for over fourteen years, finally being released in 2016, when he returned to Mauritania. While there he wrote Guantánamo Diary which was heavily redacted by the US government. It was published in 2015, before he was released. He wrote other works as well but has not been allowed access to them.

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