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Carl de Souza was born in 1949 in Rose Hill. His father’s family were from Pondicherry in India and his mother’s from Angers in France. His father was a police officer and his mother a teacher. He read biology at the University of London and then took a postgraduate certificate in education. He taught for twenty-five years at the Collège St. Esprit and was then appointed Rector of St Mary’s College in Rose Hill, the town of his birth, in 1995. He was also a keen badminton player. He took up writing later in life and has written several novels, one of which has been translated into English.

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Carl de Souza
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1993 Le sang de l’Anglais (novel)
1996 La maison qui marchait vers le large (novel)
1999 La tififi Citronnelle : qui n’entendait que le vent dans les champs de cannes (Citronella : a story from Mauritius) (children’s)
2000 Jours de Kaya (Kaya Days) (novel)
2001 Ceux qu’on jette à la mer (novel)
2018 L’année des cyclones (novel)