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Anand Mulloo was born in Beau-Bassin in 1936. His father was a tailor and a political activist. He studied in London and Edinburgh, before taking up a teaching position in Mauritius. He has worked as a teacher, writer, historian, journalist and politician. He also founded two magazines in Mauritius. He has written one novel and books on politics, history, culture and religion as well as poetry. The introduction to Watch Them Go Down states that he was working on another novel, Nalini, but this has not been published.

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1967 Watch Them Go Down (novel)
1968 The Road to Independence (history)
1968 Footprints (essays)
1969 Dust of Time (poetry)
1971 Education for the People
1973 Ashes and Embers (with Hossenjee Edoo – poetry)
1980 Dr. S. Ramgoolam, His Life, His Work, His Ideas (biography)
1980 Our Struggle (biography)
1991 Marathi Settlements in Mauritius
1982 Our Freedom (politics)
2000 Father of the Nation – The Story of Mauritius 1900-2000
2003 How Your Child Can Be a Winner: The Essential Guide to the Full Development of Our Children
2004 Voices of the Diaspora
2007 Voices of the Indian Diaspora
2007 Hinduism Unveiled
2008 Experience Indianess (travel)
2009 Mauritius: An Unfinished Journey
2012 Edge of the Cliff (autobiography)
2013 Pandit Sahadeo: Life and Struggle
2014 Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, Champion of Democracy
2014 Sir Anerood Jugnauth – Leading Mauritius Forward