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Cyprian Ekwensi was born in Minna, Nigeria, in 1921. His father as a story-teller and elephant hunter He studied at Achimota College in Ghana, the School of Forestry in Ibadan and the Chelsea School of Pharmacy at London University. He taught at school before teaching pharmacology. After studying broadcasting in London, he became a broadcaster and, eventually, Federal Director of Information. After the secession of Biafra, he became Director of the Bureau for External Publicity and Director of Radio for Biafra. Since then he has worked in many capacities and in 1991 became Chairman of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria. During this time he was writing and produced novels, stories, folklore, radio and TV scripts and children’s stories. He died in 2007.

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Cyprian Ekwensi
Cyprian Ekwensi
Cyprian Ekwensi


1947 Ikolo the Wrestler and Other Ibo Tales (folklore)
1948 When Love Whispers (children’s)
1950 The Leopard’s Claw (children’s)
1960 The Drummer Boy (children’s)
1960 The Passport of Mallam Ilia (children’s)
1961 Jagua Nana (novel)
1962 An African Night’s Entertainment (folklore)
1962 Burning Grass (novel)
1962 Yaba Roundabout Murder (children’s)
1963 Beautiful Feathers (novel)
1965 The Great Elephant Bird (folklore)
1965 The Rainmaker and Other Stories (stories)
1966 Iska (novel)
1966 Juju Rock (children’s)
1966 Lokotown and Other Stories (stories)
1966 The Boa Suitor (folklore)
1966 Trouble in Form Six (children’s)
1968 People of the City (novel)
1973 Coal Camp Boy (children’s)
1973 Samankwe in the Strange Forest (children’s)
1975 Restless City and Christmas Gold (children’s)
1975 Samankwe and the Highway Robbers (children’s)
1975 The Rainbow-Tinted Scarf and Other Stories (stories)
1976 Survive the Peace (novel)
1980 Divided We Stand (novel)
1980 Motherless Baby (children’s)
1986 For a Roll of Parchment (novel)
1986 Jagua Nana’s Daughter (novel)
1991 Gone to Mecca (children’s)
1991 Masquerade Time (children’s)
1992 King for Ever! (children’s)
1994 Masquerade Time (children’s)
1996 The Red Flag (children’s)
2004 Lokotown and Other Stories (stories)
2007 Cash on Delivery (stories)