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Obi Egbuna was born in 1940 in Ozubulu. He studied in Britain on a scholarship and became involved in the Black Power movement. In 1968 he was arrested and jailed for his involvement in a plot to murder six police officers but was released after demonstrations in support of him. His first work Wind Versus Polygamy was Britain’s entry at the first World Black Festival of Arts in Senegal in 1966. He wrote plays, stories and novels before returning to Nigeria in the mid-1970s to become director of a writers’ workshop and also a broadcasting service. After a military coup in Nigeria he went to the United States where he obtained a Ph. D. His last two works were novels. Since that time he has been associated with the Pan African Liberation Organization (PALO). He died in 2014.

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1964 Wind Versus Polygamy (republished as: Elina)
1965 The Anthill
1968 The Murder of Nigeria, an Indictment by Obi B. Egbuna
1970 Daughters of the Sun and Other Stories
1971 Destroy This Temple; The Voice of Black Power in Britain
1973 The ABC of Black Power Thought
1974 Emperor of the Sea
1975 The Minister’s Daughter
1978 Diary of a Homeless Prodigal
1980 Black Candle for Christmas
1980 The Rape of Lysistrata
1980 The Madness of Didi
1980 Divinity: A Radio Play
1980 The Man Without A Past
1982 Elina