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Ifeoma Okoye was born in Anamba State. She does not reveal her date of birth but was possibly born in 1937. She was educated at the University of Nigeria and Aston University in England, where she took a post-graduate degree in English. She has written novels, short stories and children’s books.

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1966 Efuru (children’s)
1970 Idu (children’s)
1979 Eme Goes to School (children’s)
1980 No Supper for Eze (children’s)
1980 Only Bread for Eze (children’s)
1980 No School for Eze (children’s)
1980 Adventures of Tulu, The Monkey (children’s)
1981 Village Boy! (children’s)
1982 Behind the Clouds (novel)
1984 Men Without Ears (novel)
1992 Chimere (novel)
1995 Neka Goes to Market (children’s)
1995 Chika’s House (children’s)
1995 Ayo and His Pencil (children’s)
2000 No Where to Hide (novel)
2005 The Trial and Other Stories
2012 The Aftermath of a Hurricane (story)
2013 Iwabo wa gasana (children’s)
2014 The Fourth World (novel)
2016 GO FOR GOLD With Your Writing: A Practical Self-Guide To Writing Gold-Winning Sentences