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Scholastique Mukasonga


Scholastique Mukasonga was born in Gikongoro Province, Rwanda in 1956. Her family was displaced in 1960 and she had to leave for Burundi in 1973. She moved to France in 1992. Many members of her family were later killed in the Rwandan genocide in 1994. She has written novels, memoirs and stories, most of which are autobiographical.

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Scholastique Mukasonga
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2006 Inyenzi ou les Cafards (Cockroaches) (memoirs)
2008 La Femme aux pieds nus
2010 L’Iguifou (stories)
2012 Notre-Dame du Nil (Our Lady of the Nile) (novel)
2014 Ce que murmurent les collines (stories)
2016 Cœur tambour (novel)
2016 La vache du roi Musinga (stories)
2018 Un si beau diplôme!
2021 Sister Deborah (novel)
2020 Kibogo est monté au ciel (Kibogo) (novel)
2024 Julienne (novel)