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Nadine Gordimer was born in Springs, near Johannesburg in 1923. Her father was a watchmaker, who had arrived from Lithuania when he was thirteen, and her mother was English. When she was diagnosed with a thyroid problem aged eleven, her mother took her out of school and home-schooled her. The reasons are not clear though Gordimer has suggested that her mother might have been having an affair with the doctor though it has also been suggested that her mother suspected that she had a heart ailment. As a result of her home-schooling and the fact that she did not have a high school diploma, she did not follow a formal university course, though she did take classes at the University of Witswatersrand. She started writing stories in her teens but had her first story published in the New Yorker in 1949, the same year of her first marriage. She had moved with her husband to Johannesburg and has lived there ever since. She was soon publishing books, firstly collections of stories and, later, novels.

She soon became very much involved in the anti-apartheid movement and was very critical of the South African government both publicly and in her writings. As a result, several of her works were banned by the government. She joined the African National Congress and hid some of its members in her house. Since the end of apartheid, she has been very much involved in the HIV/AIDS movement. She was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1991. Her work will be remembered for taking a strong stand against apartheid and censorship and questioning the role of whites in black politics and issues. Her skill as a writer is not just to rail against injustice but to show the deep-rooted issues behind it. She died in 2014.

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Ronald Suresh Roberts: No Cold Kitchen

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