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Ivan Vladislavic


Ivan Vladislavic was born in Pretoria in 1957. He works as an editor, editing books on architecture and art, as well as a writer.

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1989 Missing Persons (stories)
1993 The Folly (novel)
1996 Propaganda by Monuments (stories)
2001 The Restless Supermarket (novel)
2004 The Exploded View (novel)
2005 Willem Boshoff (art)
2006 Portrait with Keys (short texts on Johannesburg)
2010 Flashback Hotel: Early Stories (stories)
2011 TJ & Double Negative (later: Double Negative) (novel)
2012 The Loss Library (stories & essays)
2012 A Labour of Moles (novella)
2015 101 Detectives (stories)
2019 The Distance (novel)