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Deborah Levy was born in South Africa in 1959. Her father was a member of the African National Congress and spent some time in prison for his political activities. After his release, the family emigrated to England, when Levy was nine years old. She took a B.A. in theatre from Dartington College of Arts. She was subsequently awarded a fellowship in creative arts at Trinity College Cambridge. Much of her work has been in theatre, where she has written many well-received plays. She has been creative writer in residence at the University of North London and director and writer for the Manact Theatre Company, Cardiff. She has also written for many newspapers and magazines, particularly on theatre, as well as writing plays for television and radio, poetry, stories and novels.

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Deborah Levy
Deborah Levy
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1985 Ophelia and The Great Idea (novel)
1987 Beautiful Mutants (novel)
1987 Heresies & Eva and Moses (drama)
1990 An Amorous Discourse in the Suburbs of Hell (poetry)
1990 Pax (drama)
1993 Swallowing Geography (novel)
1994 The Unloved (novel)
1997 Diary of a Steak (novel)
1999 Billy & Girl (novel)
2000 Plays 1 (Pax; Clam; The B File; Pushing the Prince into Denmark; Honey, Baby; Macbeth – False Memories) (drama)
2004 Pillow Talk In Europe And Other Places (stories)
2011 Swimming Home (novel)
2013 Black Vodka (stories)
2013 Things I Don’t Want to Know (memoir)
2014 Early Levy
2016 Hot Milk
2017 Stardust Nation (graphic novel)
2018 The Cost of Living (memoir)
2019 The Man Who Saw Everything (novel)
2019 Swallowing Geography (story)
2021 Real Estate (memoir)
2023 An Amorous Discourse in the Suburbs of Hell (poetry)
2024 August Blue (novel)