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Sarah Mkhonza was born in 1957 in Swaziland. She took a PhD in English from Michigan State University in 1996. She was a lecturer in English at the University of Swaziland. She also wrote in the press and was critical of the government. She was ordered to stop writing and, when she was refused, she was harassed. In 2003, she emigrated to the United States and was granted political asylum in 2005. She has taught at the Center for Women’s Intercultural Leadership at St. Mary’s College and Michigan State University.

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1989 Pains of a Maid (young adult)
1989 What the Future Holds (young adult)
2007 Two Stories
2008 Woman in a Tree (with Michelle Courtney Berry) (poetry)
2009 Weeding the Flowerbeds (memoir)
2009 Teaching English in Swaziland: Essays on the Life of Gordon James Thomas
2010 Dance Your Hand Across the Page (poetry)
2015 The Beadmakers (novel)