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Chenjerai Hove was born in 1956 in Mazvihwa. He trained as a teacher and taught English, while studying literature at the University of South Africa. He first published love poems in Shona, before pursuing further studies at the University of Zimbabwe. He then gave up teaching and became an editor. He has worked since as an editor and was also a founding member and Chair of the Zimbabwe Writers Union. Since then he has written poetry, plays and novels, primarily in English. His main themes have been war (particularly Zimbabwe’s war of independence) and its effect on people, and the poor and their suffering. He died in 2015.

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1981 And Now the Poets Speak (poetry)
1982 Up in Arms (poetry)
1985 Red Hills of Home (poetry)
1986 Bones (novel)
1986 Masimba Eanhu
1991 Shadows (novel)
1994 Shebeen Tales. Messages from Harare (journalism)
1996 Ancestors (novel)
1996 Guardians of the Soil: Meeting Zimbabwe’s Elders
1998 Rainbows in the Dust (poetry)
2002 Palaver Finish: Essays
2004 Blind Moon (poetry)
2004 The Keys of Ramb (children’s)
2011 Homeless Sweet Home: a Memoir of Miami (compilation)